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Jan 3, 2024
Aug 3, 2020
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Leaving EMC indefinitely. If you want to know more pm me on discord. Can't talk about it here. Mar 8, 2023

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Jan 3, 2024
    1. Ryko369
      Leaving EMC indefinitely. If you want to know more pm me on discord. Can't talk about it here.
    2. Ryko369
      After finding some inspiration, and switching jobs twice irl, I'm back on EMC, at least for a little while. No promises.
      1. Tuqueque, DrasLeona247 and MoreMoople like this.
      2. MoreMoople
        Welcome back! :D
        Aug 29, 2022
    3. Ryko369
      Taking an extended break from EMC. Not sure when I'll be back for real. Just need to let the burnout wear off again.
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      2. crystaldragon13
        It's good to take a break from time to time no matter what it is. Stretch out & enjoy something(s) new or even old again. We'll be here when you wanna come home again. Enjoy your journeys!!! =]
        Apr 21, 2022
    4. Ryko369
      Otherworldly voices linger around you...
    5. Ryko369
      You are overwhelmed with pain...
    6. Ryko369
      Your mind goes numb...
      1. StgbtL
        "You are overwhelmed with pain..."
        Jan 16, 2022
    7. Ryko369
      Celestial Creatures are Invading...
      1. ultipig
        It's impossible in master mode
        Jan 15, 2022
    8. Ryko369
      Literally burning spiders with fire today. In game of course, I just squish 'em in real life.
      1. aletrisrex
        ye, just burn them. They're such annoying creatures.
        Jan 3, 2022
    9. Ryko369
      White Christmas! A day late, of course.
      1. ultipig
        Christmas is 12 days long and ends on January 5th.
        Dec 27, 2021
    10. Ryko369
      The Jungle grows restless...
    11. Ryko369
      This is going to be a terrible night...
      1. ultipig
        The Twins?
        Dec 23, 2021
      2. Ryko369
        The Twins.
        Dec 23, 2021
      3. ultipig
        I'm stuck on the Moon Lord
        Dec 23, 2021
    12. Ryko369
      Not the ghasts!
    13. Ryko369
      I fixed the teleportation runes on my res. Wish I could get the destruction ones figured out. Got a lot of dirt to move.
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    14. Ryko369
      Just finished updating the lore that ( I think ) I'm happy with.
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    15. DrasLeona247
      Where else would I go for all of my ancient soul-forged blade needs?
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    Visit the Shrines of Enchantment on smp8 at /v +shrines (soon to be renovated)
    Visit Ry's Redstone Repository at /v +RRR on smp7


    The Lore:
    I am a clone. I am the result of an attempt to bring back the ancient race of patryns. I was the first successful result. However their brainwashing had no effect on me. Using the limited rune magic I possess, I was able to escape and save one of my mindless brothers with me. He can do nothing on his own, but using the ancient command spell, I can temporarily control his body. I hope to someday spark some human in him, that we may rescue the rest of our brethren.
    In the year 2020 CE, I escaped to a world named Carvus. I found there a portal which took me to this universe of EMC. After my arrival to EMC I discovered an ancient forge and a crossing of ley lines. With some of my remaining power, I activated a powerful soul beacon and discovered the shrines of enchantment. The shrines were brought together from other realities through the ley lines. I have strived to learn the art of the soul forge and the power of the shrines, along with the deities they represent.
    Having lost my remaining connection to the patryns except the healing runes on my arms, I work to discover who those ancient beings were.
    I have discovered an affinity for redstone. Though I am no master, I become more proficient each week.
    I hope to use what I have learned in this universe to return to the other world and my birthplace to put a stop to the evil doings in that place.