Wastelands Reset Incoming!

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  1. Wastelands Reset Incoming with 1.17 Update!
    This reset does NOT include the Frontier or Town.
    Please disassemble any structures you have in the WASTELANDS (wilderness AND nether) INCLUDING LOCKED CHESTS and move the materials and yourself to town ASAP. There will be an in-game announcement about this as well.

    Tentative Date: With 1.17 update, which is nearing completion!!!
    Will NOT be before July 31, 2021, so get your stuff before then.

    (We do not have an exact time and it could be delayed on date due to final bug testing that is ongoing. This is a MINIMUM date)
    The wastelands are never meant for any permanent structures and are intended to be a mining and resource gathering land. They are generally reset alongside a version update or periodically, in order to allow for fresh lands to be generated for new blocks to be available.
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  2. Hype! Love a clean slate!
  3. Nice! New land to explore!
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  4. A reset and update! Are you trying to give me a heart attack with so much excitement?

    Need to mend all the pickaxes.
    Gather rockets and a few elytra.

    I'm good to go!!
  5. Awesome yay let’s get ready for it!!
  6. Exploration time!
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  7. Woooo hoooooo!
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  8. Yaaaaa 😊
  9. Oh no.. this is so bad. I didn’t think it would be so soon. I mean all my stuff is out there. Hidden chests of promos that no one found and settlements that I’ve started will just get deleted. Millions of hours, gone with the push of a key. You monsters. How dare you you wipe my people from existence. May Herobrine make swift justice and avenge us all.
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  10. 1.17 deepslate here we go
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  11. ERMERGHERD!!!!! I'm so ready. Let's do this!!! Thank you to all who worked on this for us. You are wonderful people who we don't deserve!
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  12. The hype is real! 1.17 here we come!
  13. I'm excited for the update!
  14. I'm impressed at your ability to play for millions of hours in the 220-day period (consisting of 5280 hours) since the last waste reset. Whatever time-bending technology you are using should be shared with the rest of the world for humanity's greater good.
  15. Cant wait to build with all the new blocks
  16. It's happening 👀
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  17. Pfffftttttt, *I* deserve it!!! :cool:
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  18. Easy Peazy Lemon Squeezy: all the multiple dimensions and cloning, duh.
  19. SO, what can we collect or do *now* that we can take advantage of for update?!?!