Wastelands Reset Incoming!

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  1. No more insta mining right?

    do we have an ETA for the update?
  2. What happens if I stay in the Wasteland when a reset occurs? Do I lose everything in my inventory including soulbound items?

    I'm asking because I am still collecting resources and for a few weeks haven't wandered too far from an outpost. That is so I can get back to the safety of my res in town before logging off for the night.
  3. I think you would probably die. You could go far out if you loaded up an enderchest with shulkers boxes and every time you log out just put everything in the enderchest.
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  4. You'll be tp'd back to the nearest outpost when waste resets. The only things you'll lose is anything you've placed down or in a chest.
  5. I've intentionally stayed in the wastelands during a reset. You, and your personal inventory will get tp'd back (I don't remember if it is to town, or to the center protected outpost). This includes your enderchest inventory. Anything else in the waste is gone, never to be seen again.

    I've had friends lose their voter gear in a reset, as they put it in a regular, locked, chest at a waste base and were unable to retrieve it before reset. The lesson here: anything important either keep on you or in a enderchest.

    This is a long way of saying "what Ryko369 said"
  6. U will not die
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  7. It'll be to town. There is a brief time during the reset process where the wastelands cease to exist before the new seed is implemented, so you'll get thrown back to town spawn by default.
  8. That being said, you will be teleported to town if all goes RIGHT. If something goes wrong, you could not be. This is why we always ask that everyone move themselves to town.
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  9. hehe by what people say its tonight cant wait!
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  10. big cool and epic
    cant wait for ppl to ravage out to wastes
    must be funlol