[GAME] the up-DATE

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  1. Introducing


    How do you play:

    Each player posts in this thread the EXACT date and time (EMC timezone) of when they think the update will hit EMC.

    The player that got the closest time wins a prize. Current prize (1.18) pending so for now it's just bragging rights.

    The rules:

    -1 current guess per player. Only once your current guessed time has already passed can you make a new guess.
    -Guesses must be in hours, not minutes. (example: Jan 22, 3pm - and not Jan 22, 3:14pm)
    -Your guess must be unique and at least 1 hour different from any other current guess. (check the list below)
    -Winner will be the player that has a current guess that is closest to the moment the server goes offline to update. (not the moment it comes back online, nor the moment waste is reset, or anything like that. If there is doubt on the exact moment I'll probably ask staff for confirmation)
    -No complaining about the wait times in this thread, we are here to be optimistic.
    -A list of all guesses so far can be found here.
    -Once the update hits this thread will be on hold until the next update is announced.

    1.18 reset has been officially announced. The rules have been slightly updated so make sure to read them again.
    This thread is now open again until 1.18 is officially released on EMC.
    Good luck and have fun.
  2. my guess (as an example):

    Thursday 12th of Aug 2021 at 3 AM
  3. Wednesday Aug 11 @ 4pm emc time
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  4. Friday August 13th @ 15:00 CEST/ 9:00 EDT (=EMC time)
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  5. July 25th 2026 (EMC's 15th Anniversary) at 3:33 AM EST :rolleyes:
  6. 15th aug midnight emc time
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  7. Aug 16th, 10 pm emc time. What a great idea!
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  8. Aug 17th, 11:30 PM EMC time.
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  9. The day I get medically cleared to go back to work and have no more time for EMC..... Joke aside

    Saturday, Aug 14th 3:00 am EMC time
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  10. I'm predicting that it'll be in September than August. Here's my prediction:

    Saturday, September 4th, at 4:20 P.M.
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  11. Friday, August 13th, 12pm EMC time
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  12. Sunday, August 15th, 10 PM EMC time
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  13. Saturday 14th at 7pm Uk time which is 2pm emc
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  14. Tuesday, August 17th, 1pm ET
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  15. Saturday, August 28th, 10am EMC time (EST)
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  16. Friday, August 20th, midnight emc time
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  17. Soon™

    Saturday, August 21, 5pm EST
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  18. August 27th 2021 10:00 pm (EMC time)
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  19. August 14th, 4:00pm (EMC time)
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  20. 15-8-2021 @ 17:00:00
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