Wastelands Reset Incoming!

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  1. Wastelands Reset Incoming with 1.18 Update!
    This reset does NOT include the Frontier or Town.
    Please disassemble any structures you have in the WASTELANDS (overworld AND nether) INCLUDING LOCKED CHESTS and move the materials to town ASAP. There will be an in-game announcement about this as well.

    Tentative Date: With 1.18 update, which is nearing completion!!!
    Will NOT be before January 21, 2022, so get your stuff before then.

    (We do not have an exact time and it could be delayed due to final bug testing or staff availability. This is a MINIMUM date)

    The wastelands are never meant for any permanent structures and are intended to be a mining and resource gathering land. They are generally reset alongside a version update or periodically, in order to allow for fresh lands to be generated for new blocks to be available.
  2. Yes I just copied the old thread to make this.
  3. I expect nothing less <3
  4. i can taste -y values... YEP
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  5. I too copied my original post!
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  6. Yay 1.18!

    Does that mean I can skip making a 1.17 modded client?
    I think it does :p
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  7. I vote to wait until 1.19. :rofl: :lmao:
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  8. So, time to move my stuff into my town plot. :)
  9. What will happen with the town plots? Will they also get extra depth or can it be converted to build height?
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  10. The y levels will not be offset as you suggest, that would break most things horribly.

    Extra depth and height will be consistent with vanilla
  11. Will the additional depth be more dirt, I'm guessing? Having converted a flat world already, absolutely nothing happened underneath besides the death plane moving downward.
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  12. Woohoo!!!
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  13. I have one questions about the added bottom levels. I have droppers facing into the void that were placed by SS at the bedrock level. Will they get deleted with the addition of the new levels since the bedrock level is removed or only the bedrock gets replaced?
  14. Just dirt
  15. If you have had the bedrock layer removed, that entire y-column will be air with no bedrock at the bottom.
    I would need to test to see what happens in your scenario.
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  16. Sounds good. Not all the bedrock is gone just maybe 10-15 blocks total. Rest is in tact.
  17. 1.18! That feels quick! :D

    If there is redstone on the bedrock floor, what'll happen?
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  18. Woo 1.18 is right around the corner! 🥳
  19. It'll be put on the dirt that is replacing it.
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  20. Great! Thank you!
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