Wastelands Launch!

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  1. After years and years and years...(just kidding Aikar) of waiting, we are finally ready to release the Wastelands to you here tonight. The Wastelands are going to be our dedicated, Go-Here-To-Get-Supplies world and you can expect it to reset on a semi-regular basis. This means DO NOT EVER BUILD THINGS HERE THAT YOU DON'T WANT TO LOSE.

    When we do the resets, everyone in the world at the time will spawn back at town. This includes if you were signed off. So, if it resets while you're logged off, the next time you log on will have you appear back at town again.

    If you happen to find an END portal, it will simply link to the current END, however the Nether will be it's own unique Nether for the Wastelands. The Wastelands are limited in size, so the Nether Portals work a bit different in this world. If you make a Nether Portal at 500 for example, you will be at 500 in the Nether...so it's a 1:1 ratio.

    One of the things we promise to our Supporters since we launched the Supporter program, is special "preview" access to some of our special new features. This is one of the first ones in a long time that we can actually use for this, so, Supporters will get about 6-10 hours of early access to the launch of the Wastelands and it will be completely open to everyone in the morning (basically when Aikar wakes up, haha). (NOTE: It is now open for all)

    We hope you all enjoy all the extremely hard work Aikar has put into the Wastelands and we thank you for your patience as we know it took a while...but like everything, we wanted to make it perfect for you!

    *It will take us a few minutes per server to setup Wastelands. Please have patience during this time.
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  2. Thank you so much!
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    Thanks guys for all the hard work put in the server!
    Time to mine :cool:
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  4. Fir- GOD DANGIT!

    Edit: D: Wanted to go on it tonight
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  5. Thank you!
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  7. Squeeeeeee~!
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  9. get ALL the nether quartz!
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  10. Aikar can't get the nether working... :p
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  11. Great video!
    Too bad I can't get on right now. :p
    Oh well. Thanks for the hard work and questionable sanity, staff!
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  12. Too bad only supporters can get on :p oh well Ima just wait... until I go insane...
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  13. lol even though the portals aren't open /wastelands still works for supporters. :p
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  14. First person in the Wastelands. :cool: They're open!
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  15. I think I have founs something brokened :p
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