Updated Staff Head Acquisition Thread

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by wafflecoffee, Oct 31, 2017.

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  1. Just thought I'd put it here that 1 of my heads was given away to KikuDusk at one of the streams
  2. I think Hashhog's head is for sale at his museum for 49999r.
  3. I also charge a completely arbitrary amount of Brexit tax on top of my head cost. The amount changes basically daily.
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  4. I know this is a very old thread and it needs updating.
    I just paid 1.2 mil for ArchdukeMelon's head.
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  5. Now that my left for good.. would be nice if all heads n prices were in 1 list. But don't know if waffle is interested in maintaining that..
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  6. I can probably start to update this again... will just need quite a lot of time to do so
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  7. Honestly, you need to have prices next to the staff heads so people can know what they are worth.
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  8. I agree, I had an Aikar head a long while back, but I gave it to Jewel_King. It'd also be nice to know how much it was probably worth~ ^^
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  10. I trade mine :)
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  11. You trade yours for what? A players head mailed?

    Yours is one of the few I need.
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  12. Yep! player for player, send me one and I'll send you mine back!
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  13. will do so right now :) Only 15 of my heads exist.
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  14. I sent ya one as well. :D
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  16. Actually, if someone wants to take this over, please feel free to do so. I'm not as interested in head collecting as I was before. Use the same format, revamp it completely, I don't care.
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  17. Jewel_King, are you open to taking this over? I know you like promos and stuff, does this interest you? :)
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  18. If jewel doesn't want to , then I can. I have lots of time now.
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  19. raaynn would probably be a better choice for this, i dont know a ton about staff heads :p
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