[UPDATE] Various Frontier Upgrades/Modifications

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  1. Showing the Frontier some LOVE!

    This is a multi-part post about our beloved Frontier and plans/projects that are going to be starting today and ongoing over the next couple of weeks. So that if you happen to see one frontier spawn that is different than another, you have a reference post for why. I'll be on each server and working from smp1 to utopia for each project listed.
    • Frontier Outpost Building Updates (round 2)
      • Using the same research from the Wastelands redesign, the Frontier outposts will be receiving minor modifications to enhance functionality.
        • spawn point change to central location
        • added hologram about it being a protected outpost and instructions
        • additional exit path with connection to raised center/stairway
        • cardinal direction letters
        • modifications to lighting issues
      • Design change already active at Frontier Center on SMP1
    • Bedrock Bridge Replacement
      • Any bedrock bridges in existence will be replaced and newly protected
      • New roads may be created if necessary
      • Theme will match spawn (sandstone and quartz primary) except in instances where it is deemed acceptable to utilize surrounding build themes
        • Road will have lighting regardless of design
        • Additional modifications per situational need (access points, extensions, etc)
    • Frontier Outpost Environmental Cleanup
      • cleanup of torn up land, dirt towers, etc
        • old and destroyed player builds will be analyzed to determine if they should be removed
        • variable distance from protected area, depending on need
  2. Sounds good, very good. :)
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  3. Awesome! can't wait! How can we help?
  4. Sweet
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  5. Ooo, this sounds great! :D
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  6. Nice!
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  7. I still say noteblocks for the bridge.

    Show the block of the century some love.

    Don't be minecraft's twitter account

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  8. Really like the Cardinal letters - great idea!
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  9. I'll be sure to check this all out :) I haven't seen what I did on SMP1 center for a long time... I beleve I also have a build on a smp2 diagonal outpost. Anyway, if you are in need of any help regarding design/landscaping: I have too much free time :)
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  10. All of this is great! :D
  11. This is really cool and I’m glad this is finally getting done!
    My concern:
    - When you say cleanup around I’m guessing either it’s gonna be by hand or by world edit to make the grounds look nicer. My concern is that when you added the new spawns it messed up a lot of people’s portals and blocked some of them off. My point is when you do cleanup are you checking if their are any active portals around the outside of the protected areas? Because I personally have portals that are 1 block from the protected spawn and don’t want them to become broken or covered up. Sorry if this sounds confusing and thank you for everything!
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  12. This is going to be so nice! no longer have to see a destroyed spawn when I make my trips between my outpost and south spawn
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  13. This is awesome.

    What you said Krysyy; the current spawns are cool. Definitely. But it can also use the functionality which the waste ones provide.

    Now... This is an ad-hoc comment but...

    Us players have tried this, and I know many individual players are still working on trying to clean up the Frontier a bit themselves (GRIP sometimes donates to this). Amongst which the previous FCC.

    One of the reasons the plug was pulled from the FCC was because it didn't really click. Several of us ended up frustrated. I'm not going to focus too much on the negative but... I will mention it: We're repairing a wooden stair. It's all birch except one dark oak stair block. I hop onto another server to ask a staff member if they could help us get rid of this block so that we can replace it with birch. Basically I asked if they could remove it, then we'd replace it. The answer was a plain out "no". "did you build this?" "no, but.." "then I cannot help, goodbye". Even by standers started commenting about "wow, rude". Said staff member also never bothered to even look. We're continuing our work, another staffer joins, I figured I could always PM them. They hop over, look at what we did, we even got a compliment and gone was the stair block.

    So much for the negative part. The only reason I share is because you know (or can look up) what I'm talking about and I know that some stuff changed since then and now.

    So now my question... Why don't we turn this into a mutual effort of some sort? Plenty of former FCC players are still interested.

    Also: the FCC was formed somewhat based on "one player from each server" with the idea that you'd know your own home server the best (we later adapted and concentrated on "what player knows what server the best").

    What I'm saying here is: I know plenty of players who are willing to put in effort to make this work.

    What is an abandoned structure to you (one on SMP2 comes to mind) is actually heavily used by many players. And many of us FCC members used to know all that.

    SO here's my suggestion.. (in public, because this affects all of us one way or the other)...

    Due to recent events (not just that title below my name (at the time of writing), but I will be honest that it did boost some things) I started looking into stuff I wasn't going to anymore. I know some stuff changed over time.

    I'm toying with the idea to put the FCC back, but this time backed by GRIP to provide plenty of building materials (and funds) for those repairs. No player in their right mind would spend money on repairing the Frontier except... those who really care.

    Maybe we could meet in the middle? If there is an honest drive amongst staff to clean up, then this will most definitely boost morale of several players (at the very least we won't get ticked off).

    You (staff) get a cleaned up frontier. AND several players motivated to do stuff. I'm also thinking about setting up jobs for new(er) players supervised by others.

    So.. not your casual 60min event, but an actual multi effort project.

    Food for thought perhaps?

    PS: the only reason I do this is because I've been getting casual posts from players who really would love to see the FCC rise again. Maybe now it's time....
  14. Kinda confused by your post. This -is- a project...
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  15. A staff project I think. But you're right, fair enough, so let me rephrase / summarize:

    Would it help if you guys (staff) got access to several players who are willing to help repair the Frontier. Not in hopes of winning some prizes (which is common with a regular event) but because they truly care about repairing the Frontier?

    Players who can tell you "that structure from that 1034 days abandoned player? that's used on a weekly basis, most players travel through that to reach the hidden gold farm beyond. This helps conceal the entrance".

    That kind of help.


    Still, I see options here either way :)
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  16. Is this the fabled "Secret Update™"?
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  17. I believe this is a Krysyy project rather than an Aikar project... but it could be
  18. ^This
    Do remember that
    Aikar+Devs = Technical, Code Related Updates
    Krysyy = Non Technical, Community Driven Updates
    Although it would be argued that code updates are for the better of the community too, but you get my point.
    tl:dr Secret update still happening :)
  19. I think the secret update will be dragon tombs... oh wait... it's gonna come out in 3017