[TRICK] Make Rupees Fast Via EMC Market!

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  1. At http://azoundria.com/emc/market/index.php on can see the prices of different shops, and see average prices between shops. Now, you want to make lots of money? Just find a place that sells an item, and another place buys them for more. Using the same server is recommended. Buy your items at one shop, sell them at another for a higher price! Under Dragon Poop, you can make 10K easily through buying and selling from the different markets! If this is illegal, please notify. I haven't been able to use this yet, so I cannot be banned for this.
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  2. I mean its how you get your move taken from certain shops, not bannable. Just highly disliked sometimes if you buy a ton from someone just to resell it. Mainly against my morals as a person, don't know why.
  3. :p
    Still, very quick and easy way for $$$.
  4. You won't get banned, but I'm sure most people will put a shop flag on you for doing this :p
  5. Da Thug Lyfe bro xDDD
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  6. The literal definition of 'selling out'.
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  7. You just put a flag up saying " ban me from your shops"
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  8. Fun... Real fun! "Ban me" jk :p
  9. This is amazing! Thank you so much for doing this! :p
  10. Thanks...? I don't know if you are being sarcastic or not.
  11. no, i am not. This is the best thing ever. Just make sure it is updated.
  12. I'll put shop flag off on my malls, think you for noticing :p
  13. Im going to try this in real life
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  14. And exactly how do you plan on doing that? lol
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  15. Going to laugh when you buy 50k worth of something from one shop to sell to another, and the Sell Shop is full.
  16. I do have a comment on this.

    Reselling is part of most, if not all, economies. It's a good way to make money, that's just a risk a Shop Owner takes when they have lower prices than others.

    If I see a Beacon for 14k and I knew a place I can easily sell for 17k, I'm going to do it.
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  17. This is business people, just because it isn't 'moral' (which I do not agree with) or is 'frowned upon' doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. If anyone disagrees with me I'd love to hear your argument. :)
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  18. There isn't a moral issue really, it's just that people hate the feeling when they realise they could have made more money on something. They feel screwed over, even if technically they weren't.