Things I have found in the frontier.

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  1. I thought that looked familiar... Can confirm that this was made by Pab10s. Additionally, the guardian farm is Sushi Drop (smp8 pwu, build by khixan).
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  2. ahh the guardian farm looks a lot like the public one built along side an exp farm on smp7. can't remember who built it exactly... cube something. it will probably pop up in my head some time tomorrow hahaha. thanks for the thread! really enjoyed looking at the builds.. all without the risk of dying far out into the wild myself... hehehe
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  3. this thread inspires me to travel to areas of the frontier to see new lands and builds/outpost
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  4. it has the same design but it's not Sushi Drop I don't think
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  5. And now another episode of things ive found in the wild.

    Someone left a note in a chest, wonder if they ever got it.

    This outpost wasn't super exciting, but it did have a decent hidden entrance behind several blocks of dirt. Once you got inside there was a hidden passageway behind a painting. Very clever whoever made this.

    More pics from the inside.

    They apparently like Canada.

    Some interesting rail lines ive found.

  6. I always love seeing these abandonded (?) structures out in the wild. They're just there, laying in wait for owners that might never return, the same owners that put so much effort into making something like these. Really neat to think that sometime in the past, someone stood on the very block you stand on, painstakingly creating their vision of their survival base.
  7. Which server was this gold farm on? Looks super familiar
  8. This post always gives me a hit of nostalgia haha, thanks for the continued updates!
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  9. Yeah, this is cool! I wasn't watching it, unfortunately.
  10. I have many old outposts, I always wondered if anyone would find them and think they were neat. I liked to build lore or story into them, hoping someone would get to explore it. I hope someday I see something of mine in here :)
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  11. Very lovely thread. I myself left some huge structures behind from way back in 2014. Though I am not as active as I used to be it's nice to see these pictures. Gives me memories of all the fun moments I had.
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  12. Here is something I see quite often in the ocean. Espcially old ocean, Bubbles underwater big enough to put a boat in. Has anyone else seen this?

  13. --

    Those pictures don't belong to an outpost. What you found was the railway line connecting two skeleton farms I made years ago, back when stained glass was introduced. I even made a thread about it, and people have visited it:

    The build(s) served their purpose. I might update them to work in MC 1.15, if there's enough demand. These "revived skeleton farms" are a few thousand blocks away from the nearest spawn outpost.


    By the way, it would be better if people took their screenshots not on max brightness and "fast graphics." Fine if you use the pre-1.14 default MC textures... I can't go back to them when I have seen so many flaws resolved with the New Default textures.
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  14. Oh, that's cool!
    I see what you mean, but this is a thread to share things you've found, not to share artistic screenshots. :)
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  15. Agreed, I dont have any visual mods installed, so what you see is what I see when I wander. That's a nice rail line you built, I just wanted to share some of the awesome creations hidden out in the wild.