Things I have found in the frontier.

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  1. I live primarily in the frontier and I get to see a lot of well constructed outposts. I wanted to share some of my explorations with you.

    Disclaimer: in order to maintain the privacy of the outpost owners, I will not be posting the location or server on which the builds are located.

    If you know where the outpost is located, please don't post its location.

    If you are the owner of an outpost and don't wish for it to be displayed here, let me know and I will remove the posting.

    I encourage others to get out and explore the wild frontier and rediscover all the forgotten outposts.

    This first outpost is located far out in the wild. You wont get there by just wandering around. It is a castle wall surrounding a town area.

    One of the towers.

    Town Area.

    Inside the keep area. theres lot of nooks and crannies to explore and rest in.

    Outside the keep

    There is a river running through the middle of the castle.

    Main Palace

    Last image from the outside. This build is seriously huge and there is much more to see. There are also smaller builds outside the wall that are fun to explore. But I digress. On to the next build.
  2. Nice thread! Hope you and other players continue to fill the thread with pictures from the frontier!
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  3. I was traveling along one day and happened to find this chapel looking structure up on a hill. Doesnt look like anyone has been here in awhile. Lets go check it out.

    Chapel on the hill.

    I forgot to get a better pic of the outside, but this is the inside. Sign above the book says "Read book in sign below then kindly replace".

    Page 1

    Page 2

    Page 3

    Page 4

    Page 5
  4. This next post isnt about any one outpost but rather a mish mash of random things I have seen over the years.

    Entering the unknown part of the nether, beyond the 5K block ring.

    This must have been the first place quarts was discovered in the nether after the quartz update. That sign has been there a long time.

    One of the better nether roads.

    I think this was originally intended to be an outpost, but was abandoned mid construction.

    Huge gold farm that was never finished.

    Huge gold farm that was never finished. I watched it for a couple years. I think its safe to say it was abandoned.

    To the right of the image you can see an igloo. after searching around there was a secret ladder going underground that is shown in the next image. The building to the left and the roadway is a structure I built.

    The secret lair under the igloo in the previous image. The monster had a villager and a zombie locked up.

    Round structure someone built and abandoned.

    Another roundish structure off by itself.

    Someone built the red Torii gate from Japan.

    An underwater structure with some farm.

    Another tower out in the middle of nowhere. There was a roadway underneath it that let to other outposts.
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  5. I left a few buildings/outpost scattered across the empire with tales and stories in chests. Maybe someday you'll come across them. I really love the idea of this thread! I can't wait to see more of your adventures!
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  6. I would love to see some of the things you have seen or built and the stories that go with them. As much as I explore, I have only seen a small fraction of the wild. I know there is so much more out there.
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  7. This is another tower that was part of a system of towers along a long roadway.

    Another tower in the system of towers along a roadway. This roadway was was connected to some of the towers in the previous post. Much of the roadway was under ground, but the towers definitely stand out.

    This section happened to be above ground. Someone spent some time building all these.

    Anther outpost, there was a mob spawner inside the large square building.

    This is the outpost mentioned in the first post. This guy kept following me around.

    The entrance gate to an outpost I stumbled across once.

    Entrance guarded by giant stone man with a sword.

  8. This is a very old outpost. New years 2014. I sometimes wonder what happened to the people. Are they still around or have they moved on?

    Mellon and pumpkin automatic farm still in good condition and working. I may have been the first person to visit in several years.

    One of the seaside villas on the edge of town.

    Each of the houses had a mail box with a light so you would know when you had mail.

    There apparently are or were 4 citizens.

    This door was cool. Hit the switch and the stone blocks move creating a 3x3 door. Good job door builder guy.

    Central fountain with unfinished building to the right.

    Looking out from the seaside villa you could see the lighthouse.

    And finally the nether portal. There was a road that leads back to the spawn area. However it also leads to other areas that will be in the next post.
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  9. This next post is about a nether complex I found after going through the nether portal in my previous post. This structure was huge, it must have taken a long time to build it all. there were farm structures that I never really figured out how to use. But they looked cool.

    I never figured this one out. how to get to it or what exactly it was supposed to do.

    This was a nifty feature. Someone put glass panes down so that these guys cant cross them. Meanwhile you can attack them without worrying about them getting to you.

    Near the farm area.

    Farm area, I never figured out what they were supposed to do or how to make them work. But they were tall. Like really tall.

    One of the many train stations I came across in the nether. Some of them werw really elaborate with rail lines going in several different directions.

    Another train station. This one was a hub with several lines coming together.

    I dont remember what this was, it may have been still under construction.

    Some kind of iron farm?

    This is one of the more well built outposts. It was a far out in the wild as I have ever gone.

    The main tower was huge. I couldn't even get the whole thing in the picture.

    Same place but looking down from the tower. Inside the tunnels were extensive farm networks and connecting tunnels to the other structures in the area.

    Some of the other structures in the area. If I remember correctly, they each had their own connecting tunnel. Whoever built these did a great job.

    Some of the underground farms.

    The hotel. I liked this structure.

    Inside the hotel.

    This was in the overworld entrance to the nether portal. At the bottom was a lava pit. It was a nice touch.

    Inside the main tower. It was kinda tricky finding a path to the upper floors.
  10. oh man... this tickles my wanderlust...
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  11. I'll be sure to post some pictures here as I spend a lot of my time in the wild as that where all be fun survival is
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  12. Time for another update.

    This is a ocean monument guardian farm in the middle of the ocean, Someone spent some serious time making this and clearing out all the water blocks. The guardians fall down and die, the drops get sucked into a cart system that runs under the floor. It took me awhile to find the collection point as it was well hidden. They even took time to make designs on the wall. Whoever did this, well done.

    View from the floor showing the opposite wall art. Worth a visit if you ever find it.

    Then I come across this outpost where most of the good stuff is underground. Somt of it was unfinished but there were some nice areas.

    like this underground landscape wall. It was a nice touch.

    And then I realized I had been here before lol. Timmykiller711 was exploring with me at the time, so we took a selfie.

    Someone made an LOL that I had apparently visited some time in the past.

    I don't remember where this was, but it was well built. Good job forgotten builder guy.

    Someone put some thought into this one. The outside farm structures go into an automatic collection system in the middle. Pretty cool.

    More farm structures.

    Above the center area. This was hard to get to, but it was nice once you get there.
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  13. As it is almost Christmas, here is a Christmas themed outpost I found. I would like to think that someone is out there making outposts every Christmas or major holiday of their choice. This one was from 2016.

    This one was a snow globe.

    Not much to say about this one. So ill let the pictures do the talking.

    Then there was this whole Santa's Workshop area in the basement with carts moving around making stops at different stations.

    More of Santa's Workshop.

    One of the walls.

    The next wall.

    Christmas 2016.

    Have a merry Christmas everyone.
  14. This is an awesome thread! Love seeing all of the structures built sometime in the past.
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  15. Im glad you like it. Some people did amazing work and I would hate for it all to get lost in time far out in the wild.
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  16. I can't see the images currently because I'm on my IPad, but I'm sure watching this thread.
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  17. So there I was bumbling along far out in the wild just looking for a new adventure.

    O wait what do we have here? A nice open meadow, but what is that on the far side? Lets cross the stream and find out.

    The stream flows into a pond in the lower area. what a nice relaxing spot.

    Oh this makes me sad now. Someones dog died and they made a memorial to it in the wild. How thoughtful. I wonder how many other memorials there are out there.

    View of the area from above. its a peaceful location.
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  18. pretty sure I remembering seeing that well-designed guardian farm as well, and i think i even found out who built it but of course it's all left my memory by now. i want to say it was the same folks who built the public one on SMP8 but that was the private version. or it could just be someone who liked that design and used it for their own.
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  19. That first castle is real neat i love it wowie
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  20. If I remember correctly I believe this area was primarily built by Pab10s, and Melodytune some years back. I believe it was a wither head farming site along with some other things built around it.
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