The Secret is Out: Enraged Zombie Villager Eggs

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  1. Hey all,

    So it appears that some of you figured out something lurking in Aikar's 1.8 code...

    When you cure an enraged zombie villager it turns into a villager like normal, HOWEVER the special name does not go away and you CAN egg them. Don't worry, these aren't illegal so we won't send the Senior Staff Mafia after you =P

    The villager egg looks like this:

    These are NOT eligible for forum auctions except in double chest quantities like other mob eggs. They do NOT classify as a promo item.
  2. This. Is. Great.
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  3. Is this going to be fixed just like the Netherhounds?
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  4. Not purposefully takes a lot of work to get one of these.
  5. How exactly do you cre one?
  6. If I know EMC, someone will find a way to do it quickly and/or easily.
  7. It's not that quick or easy, mainly because a lot of it involves waiting it out for an enraged villager zombie to spawn which is hard enough in itself sometimes :rolleyes: It's not one of those things that can be done that quickly, none of the steps can really be bypassed as far as I know so aye :p
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  8. Not to mention with the spawn rates tanked on enraged mobs, you have to get pretty dang lucky to even get an enraged zombie villager to start with.
  9. Clever. :) Wonder how long it'll be until we see "Enraged Villager" auctions crop up.

    *waits for the inevitable "appeal" thread* :p
  10. I have watched MrCDub do this. It is a whole lotta time and effort to get them. Kudos to him for figuring it out!
  11. Potion of harming, weakness & a golden apple (purple text)
    Thanks Kaphras
  12. Dangit :(
    *puts hat and suit away*
  13. when you re-spawn them, do they become enraged zombie villagers? lol
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  14. Don't let your guard down people, the *SS* is still out there and watching us. :eek::p
  15. Can't wait to eggify them!
  16. This is how you change a villager zombie into a regular zombie.

  17. Thought it was Potion of Weakness? Harming just heals them.
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  18. ..tell me about it :p I will have these :)

    It is potion of weakness.
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