The Second New Republic

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  1. What if?
    There was a outpost...
    That was revived...
    After being...
    And Stoneguard...
    The Second New Republic is
    a reincarnation of the New Republic.
    With Neore and the Neorepublican Central Bank printing the Neore,and giving out free Neore to public projects,it finally gives the Empire a currency other than rupees...
    Ranging over 10 servers,is the mighty 2nd NR...
    With it's Capital City Neorepopolis,and the GDA,it lays the foundations for a large Nation...
    What if,it rethought the fact,that the NR,was a complete failure...
    This is...
    The Second New Republic!
    Posts below are the Constitution and more,have a nice day!
    Post 1-Homepost
    Post 2-Constitution
    Post 3-Maps
    Post 4-Cities
    Post 5-Citizen List
    Post 6-Neore Info
    Post 7-Transport
    Post 8-More
    And also...
    "If you view and like this,why not join?"
  2. Maps
    These Maps showcase the Second New Republic.
  3. Cities
    While some may disagree,the Cities are likely to be our core.
    The entire 2nd NR is based around these cities!
    City List
    Mahogany Town
    Port Kitzen(PLANNED)
    Kitzonia City(PLANNED)
  4. kitten3101(First President,SMP1 General)
    Lukafolz(Minister of Defense,Field Marshall)
    Golddigger221(SMP7 General)
    Westiepest(First Minister,Mayor of Mahogany Town)
    Willow_Minas(Home Secretary)
    Gollark8(Minister of Infrastructure,SMP9 General)
    Arveng(Minister of Finance)
    Harrtvboy(Minister of Justice)
    Meerkatman(SMP4 General)
    Jake81201(SMP3 General)
  5. Neore Info
    Hello,this is the Neore Info guide.
    Here,you can find everything to do with Neore!
    Neorepublican Central Bank
    The Neorepublican Central Bank(NCB),gives out grants of Neore for Public Projects,and issues Neore.
    Counterfeit Neore is illegal,and if you find any,or are given any,report it to the Minister of Finance ASAP.
    Ministry of Finance
    The Ministry of Finance runs Bureau de Changes,and they also deal with Counterfeit Neore.
    MINISTER OF FINANCE IS: Open,PM kitten3101 to apply!
    Bureau de Changes
    All Bureau de Changes are ran by the GDA,and 1 Diamond = 100n.
    Authourised Money Printers
    Note: If you get Neore signed by anyone other than the following,give the Neore to the Minister of Finance
    List Below:
  6. Have you discussed this system with staff?
    If not, please contact staff (me if you like) to check this idea is legal. As banks of any kind are not allowed in EMC, due to how easily abused it can be. If any banking of real rupees, or goods is involved, you will not be able to do this.
  8. Okay,decided to clear some things up.
    The Neorepublican Central Bank DOES NOT hold any items, just makes Neore to hand out to people.
    I'm deciding to scrap the Rupees for Neore system too, and making it Item-Only.
  9. Talk to me more about this if you like. However, it seems to me, removing all the names and titles:
    Kitten (or the Financial officer player) will take your items or rupees, and in exchange promise you items of value, or rupees, at an unspecified time or manner. No matter what you call it (Neore) or however you promise future return, this amounts to a bank, or a 'loan' to or from a player. Of which EMC does not allow. Simply for the reason that if some player somewhere gets banned, or decides to just spend all the money themselves and ignore the investors, all those players who 'invested' are left with nothing. FAR to easy to scam.

    Which is why EMC makes it mandatory that all transactions are complete within a fair time frame, all parties get what they trade. It must be very clear exactly what each player is getting or paying.

    If you wish to barter/trade. I suggest simply using rupees, and set the price that things may be sold at within the community.
    Or perhaps just asking community members to 'donate' goods and services to the community. With no expectation of anything in return. Or make the return a direct reward, such as a rank up or some other direct reward.
    If you generate an expectation of future return, it becomes an 'investment', and you a 'bank'.

    Does that make sense? The point here is to minimise risk of scamming. Not saying any player WILL scam people, but it can happen, and EMC wishes to avoid that.
  10. I'll cancel the Neore-For-Diamonds, but probably still have Neore as something you can earn for doing jobs...
  11. The Neore was the first part of the NR to go. It was gone within weeks of being introduced. I'd recommend not using it, as it was really very complicated, and had the potential of breaking rules regarding banks on EMC.
  12. I'm destroying the Diamonds-For-Neore...
    You now earn it by doing jobs,HOWEVER,Employers are not obliged to pay someone a salary of Neore.
  13. But I mean the whole printing, distribution and use of it, never worked out. It was 100 times easier to use rupees.
  14. If we ever expand off-EMC(No, I am NOT revealing the IPs on here, but more likely on a NR Forum if we get one), then we SERIOUSLY need Neore.
    Note: The NR might NOT expand off EMC AT ALL.
  15. I've finally completed the Exterior of the Grand Democratic Assembly Building!
    It's right beside the Train Station if you want to come and see it!
  16. Well,we're admitting new Regions in a few minutes from now!
    The Grand Democratic Assembly Room is nearly complete!
    There will be 128 Seats,so there's room for LOTS of Regions!
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