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  1. Banks are player made creations, that require other players to give items, or rupees. Before, we strongly hinted that banks were not allowed. We have even told players asking us directly that they were not allowed, and told reported players that they should remove their banks.

    We've had to tell quite a few players that they're not allowed, but let me explain why;

    • Loans
      It's possible for a player to build up lots of debt, draining them of all their rupees. Because bank loans are all word of mouth, we can't track this, which makes it easy for people to scam others. Although we're not saying you would do this, the few bad eggs that do decide to scam means we disallow loans.

    • Saving Accounts
      When you give your money to someone else, it stops being yours, and is now theirs. By opening a saving account with someone, you're effectively giving them your rupees, and trusting them to give them back, with more rupees (or items). Again, although you personally wouldn't do this, there are unfortunately some people that are more than happy to steal other players' rupees for personal gain.

      The Staff Team is not there to act as your lawyers, and because the scam potential is so high, they will not get involved. Do not expect assistance from the Staff Team if you are scammed by opening a savings account, since, like loans, they are done through word of mouth. This means there's no way for the Staff to know how many rupees are in your savings account, and therefore we don't allow such services.
    As with all items lost (due to bugs, rule breaks, or other similar things), do not expect a refund if you lose your rupees or items due to using Bank systems.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.