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  1. What if there was a outpost?
    That was originally made?
    And sort of died quickly?
    But then it was revived,by people who still believed in it?

    This is a Second NR,but there will be limits...
    We will no longer expand outside of Minecraft,due to issues...
    There will still be the Grand Democratic Assembly,with 20 seats this time.
    There will be a currency,and a large Currency Factory based off the original one 72Volt planned to build in Inzonio.

    The Second NR will have a General on each server,and a First Minister elected every
    6 Months.There will be many cities,full of citizens who will shape the Second NR.
    Any acts of sabotage against the Second NR,will result in you being named a Terrorist in the Second NR,and the Central Republic of Snowv.

    We will have the Wild Convention,which will be a Convention where we will all meet at a Main City,and discuss the Constitution.Our Capital City will be Neorepublicapolis.
    We are located Northwest of Snowv,Northwest of Stoneguard,West of Volt,West of New Holland,South of Pazzo,Southwest of Wrem,East of Wild Spawn.

    This has been made with permission from 72Volt.
  2. I see where you got that layout from.....
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  3. Of course,if you bother to read it,this IS a Second NR...
  4. Secundus Novae Rei Publicae Caput, possibly a new name for the capital? It's more original than the current title, it's Latin for "New Republican Capital The Second" I know it's a bit long but it can be shortened to Novae Publicae meaning New State which it seems to looks bit like, as I am unsure whether it is within any borders to any outposts, making it a new outpost, or, as it is unifying the outposts around it, a new state. Please take my suggestions into thought.

  5. This is honestly a bad idea in my opinion, as this was a solo project of volt at first that blossomed into this, and the same things will probably end up happening.
  6. This Failed once, note with the exact same model. I'd advise at the very least a rethink of the design.
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  7. As rock said, you need a major restructures of the political system. I never liked the NR's political system, and it very obviously failed.

    The system I've designed for a revival of Wrem is fairly simple (unlike the NR) and has a serious of backup systems for when something, or someone goes wrong.
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  8. Yeah,we decided to make a reconstruction of the Political System.
    We're keeping First Minister and everything,but we're allowing more freedoms,no more Real World expansion...
  9. What players are involved in this?
  10. Err,so far,only me...
  11. NR News Corporation
    Bulletin Issue #1

    New Government
    The New Government,currently led by kitten3101,is looking for:
    First Minister(Will be elected)
    Deputy First Minister(Will be elected)
    Minister of Infrastructure(PM to apply)
    Minister of Finance(PM to apply)
    Minister of Justice(PM to apply)
    Minister of Defense(PM to apply)
    Foreign Secretary(PM to apply)
    Home Secretary(PM to apply)
    Generals(One per server,PM to apply)
    The New Government has also been redesigned,and a new constitution has been made:
    2nd NR Constitution
    Section I Declaration of Independence
    This Section states that on the 8th Hour of the 18th Day of the 4th Month of the 14th Year of the 2nd Millenium,the 2nd NR was declared Independent from all states such as Wrem,Volt,NH,Estona,and Snowv.
    The 2nd NRs Government will be a Democratic Government,from this hour onwards.
    Section II Declaration of Territory
    The 2nd NR will not have its own Server,but instead use EMC as its Home.
    The Government will NOT discuss a private NR server,unless EMC is going to be destroyed...
    We will build on the area Southwest of Wrem,Northwest of Snowv and Stoneguard,South of Pazzo,East of Spawn,West of Volt and NH.The Cities of Neorepublicapolis and New Volt will be the two capital Candidates for the Territory of the NR,and later we will discuss expanding to other Servers outside of EMC,in Private Conversations,which will NOT be released to the Public of EMC,as to keep EMC popular and everyone not leaving for the Servers we will expand to...
    Section III Declaration of Government
    The Government shall contain as many as 100 Seats,for the case when we grow to 100 Cities.
    There will be 10 rows of Seats,one for each EMC Server.
    Rows will be expanded as necessary,and there is no limit to how big a Row can be sideways.
    Our Government Hall shall be 80x80,and will have a nice Modern look,and will be surrounded by a State Park if all goes well...
    If not,we will end up living in a Wood Hut.
    But,I'm sure that won't happen.
    But why am I writing in first person in a Constitution???
    Oh well,better get back to writing...
    The Government will expand its rows of seats as it expands outside of EMC,and when the National Hall is full,it shall be extended to have secondary rooms for certain Meetings,and the National Hall at first will also contain one office per Ministry.The Government shall have a system named the Kitzonian System,which uses a poll where each Citizen votes for the party they want.
    Only a First Minister/First President can hold two positions at once.
    Section IV Judical and Law Enforcement Departments
    The "Grand Court" will decide on all punishments.
    The NR Police Force will monitor the Cities 24/7 to make sure no Griefings or Robberys/Burglarys happen.The NR Police Force may NOT use PvP,and all Policemen are to be equipped with:
    1 Stick
    Black Dyed Leather Tunic,Boots and Leggings.
    Blue Dyed Leather Hat
    The First Minister may appoint a new Head Judge if the majority of the GDA agrees.He may also change Judges if the majority of the GDA agrees.The NR Police Force is ran by a Director General(PM kitten3101 to apply),and the Grand Court is ran by a Head Judge.
    Section V Military Departments
    Each Server has a Division,which is headed by a "General".
    The Manager of the entire Military Department is the Field Marshall,who is appointed by the First Minister and Minister of Defense.
    The rank system is like this:
    General-Manages a Server
    Colonel-Manages a Outpost
    Captain-A Colonel's 2nd in Command
    Corporal-Manages a Squad
    Private-Normal Soldier
    Each Division can contain as many Colonels as needed,however the number of Captains has to be the same as Colonels.It can contain up to 40 Squads,which can contain up to 2 Corporals and 10
    Section VI Economics,Finance & Currency The Currency is the Neore,and 1 Diamond = 100 Neore.
    Emeralds can also be traded for 50 Neore,and Iron for 10 Neore.
    The List of Official Money Printers are as follows:
    The entire Economics and Finance department is run by the Ministry of Finance,who manage the Neore,Exchange Rates,and the Neorepublican Central Bank/NCB Corporation.
    (The NCB Corporation is a Exchanging and Money Printing service,NOT a loaning service...)
    (Forget the name,it's more of a Money Printing Group and a Bureau de Change)
  12. Why launch into such a complex governing system when it's not required. Perhaps start simple and work towards a more complex system once the population grows?

    And what is with the currency system? Do you have more info on that? How it works, why have it?
  13. The reason we are so complex,is because we are the 2nd NR...
    But seriously,we're using the NR Design,so we have to be pretty complex...
    The Currency will be the Neore again(Probably),and I am designing a Government Building on Singleplayer(Will give pictures to Building Team so they can build it in Multiplayer).
  14. I do not know much about the first NR. the thread for the First NR was as uninformative as this one. lol
  15. Well, thank you very much.
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  16. Actually,72Volt did a good job with the first one.
  17. Thanks ^_^
    In hindsight, I likely didn't have the political knowledge needed to really pull it off, and though the whole complex state was indeed something which attracted people to the project, it probably wasn't necessary during the project's early stages.
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  18. I don't think SMP9 has enough people to fill up two nations so close to each other. No doubt you would be very welcome in joining the other movement out there with the members of the old outposts!
  19. The political system in the NR was more divided out of necessity than a planned political system. It was server all months in when we started making it. It had to satisfy a lot if criteria and was rushed into service. You have time. Start small and grow into a bigger system, or you could just join one of the existing outposts.
    The neore was scraped almost instantly. The NR had a reasonable economy but 2 currencies messed with that. It also just cost too much. Trust me I had a major part in the project.
  20. Still no info on the reason for currency, the 'neore'. So i'll just ask if my theory is correct:

    The 2ndNR currency neore's is to provide the 2ndNR players a barter system for services and resources, that is managed/controlled independently from the EMC wide rupee currency. This will allow 2ndNR leadership to issue currency at a controlled rate, and recognise players direct input/usefulness to the community. To promote more internal trade and development, by keeping trade of goods and services within the community, and not loose product and time to players outside the community. Thus growing the 2ndNR Base as an independent community.
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