The perfect video game?

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  1. What would be the perfect video game? The perfect RPG, the perfect FPS, just overall best video game?
    What ideas do you have for a game that would be a 10/10.
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  2. I don't know
    Minecraft maybe.
    It's just a theory tho
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  3. Minecraft is not the perfect game lmao.
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  4. From big-budget AAA developers: cool characters (think Battlefield Bad Company), nice story (think The Last of Us), and make it pretty (think The Last of Us).

    If you're going to do a big sandbox open world, do it right: let fun situations create themselves, fill places in with little easter eggs, leave some secrets around the map, that kind of thing. Basically take lessons from Bethesda/Oblivion (Skyrim, New Vegas, etc.) and not Ubisoft (Assassin's Creed, Watch_Dogs, Far Cry - although I love Far Cry so I could give this one a pass).

    From indie developers: make something small, but fun. Things like arcade-style games (Luftrausers) are good to go for. Make it creative (Super Meat Boy, Ink?). I go to indie games to see something new - not to see more of the same old stuff the big publishers are pumping out.

    To me, you can't really make the 'perfect game'.

    Basically don't make Minecraft and you're probably on the right track.
  5. Why are you here?
    jk of course :p
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  6. So much what my former contrib colleague said up there! (I'm just going to leave this in :)).

    Apart from that I also think a good game editor can extend the appeal of a game a dozen times. A prime example of that would be inFamous II (PS3 game). In my opinion the game editor on this one was pure brilliant. You see: the game itself played in a set scenery: the city of New Marais. Which features a wide variety of locations: from swamps to busy urban areas right down to industrial locations, poorer areas and even water / rivers to cross.

    So that also meant that if you wanted to create your own levels you didn't have to worry about the scenery too much in which your level was taking place. Instead you could fully focus on gameplay mechanics (what characters to use, what alignments they had, what the objective of the level was, how you could lose, etc.). The game has been long 'dead' (superseded by later versions) but there is still a somewhat active community here.

    Better yet: I still enjoy some of the levels I made and I sometimes still enjoy making new ones from time to time.

    So definitely level editors in my book, especially when you're playing open world games.

  7. Just sayin
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  8. This reminds me... never make a Metal Gear Solid V. That was a great game brought down by the fact it goes on for like, 100 hours - once you pass the 15 hour mark of a story-driven game, you're probably only still going just to complete it. I know someone who played the game for 60 hours, they were just playing to see how it ended at that point, and one day just decided "screw it" and never played again and just watched the ending on YouTube.

    Moral of the story for Hideo Kojima and the people who made the game: just because you can do it doesn't mean you should.

    Also never get your game published by Konami. That's a good way to get fired so they can rake in the profits and not be credited for a game you want to be your masterpiece. #ScrewKonami
  9. Did you see the new Metal Gear trailer? :p
  10. The best racing game: Need for speed Most Wanted (2005), has some normal racing but the police A.I. is pretty good especially for it's time, and it also has a good campaign mode. Funny how you never really hear anybody talk about this game all that much.

    Another game I never hear much of anybody talk about is Rocoloco 2, a psp game in which you used the right and left triggers to tilt the screen and move your character around, it was my favorite game for the psp because of how much there was in the game
  11. My "perfect game" depends on the genre. Each genre can have its own set of standards and perfect elements. Things can always be done better though and one years perfect game could be out done a month later.

    With that said, here are a few games I think are really good and close to perect:

    Factorio in a management/strategy genre. I have put in 60 hours and still haven't launched a rocket yet also haven't gotten board.

    Monster Hunter 4u. Incredibly fun action game with a very difficult but depth filled combat system. Taking down some of the harder monsters is absolutely amazing.

    Little Big Planet. Not so much as a platformer (control feel off sometimes) but for the creation tools. This is like Super Mario Maker on steroids and came first.

    These three games are some of the best games I have ever played. I could probably throw most Nintendo stuff in as honorable mentions. I am still looking for a truly fantastic story driven game that combines the fun of movies/books with the fun of a video game. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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  12. The "perfect" game is one that knows exactly what it wants to be and executes it well. You could name examples all day long, depending on what your tastes are, but at the end of the day they'll all have at least that much in common - a strong sense of identity. When you start bogging down games by bolting on fluff and extras, modes they didn't need or are at odds with the core vision of the project... when they lose that identity (or just flat out fail to meet it), that's where many game creators stumble.
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  13. The Last of Us. It's a beautiful game, it's a genuinely fun third-person shooter, and the characters have stuck with me. The ending wasn't as bad as people make out.

    Another suggestion is TellTale's The Walking Dead - not much video game on it since its a point and click game, but the characters are well-written and they put the story at TV series/movie level. I think this is the first and only game to ever make me cry - and anybody who knows me knows that I don't cry. So, there's that :p

    Also BioShock and BioShock Infinite come close to how I feel about The Last of Us. I've yet to play through all of BioShock Infinite (played around 5 hours on PS Now, I'll be completing it when BioShock: The Collection comes out on PS4), though.
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  14. A perfect video game, that's an odd concept.
    I think the only perfect video game would be an empty program that does nothing when executed. Flawless, and everything in it couldn't be better.

    For real, though, there's no such thing as perfection, made by humans.
    Luckily. That'd destroy part of the fun of creating new things.
  15. What defines perfection, though?

    If it is as you say above - nothingness, absolute flawlessness - the black void of space would be perfection.

    If it's entirely subjective to opinion, then everybody has a different definition of what perfection is.

    If it cannot be made by humans, then it would have to be naturally occurring. The only thing I can see being perfection in that case is life. Life is a pretty flawless miracle.

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  16. I really dont think any video game I play is 10/10 ( perfect ) but I do love some games that think are good like:
    - Wizard 101
    - Minecraft :p
    - Trove
    - Roblox ( also depends what you play on this )
    - Arche Age
  17. It would seem odd to me if people would say Minecraft is "perfect", after all, it still receives updates, and even though not all people are a fan of those updates, in every major update there are at least some changes that people like. Most bug fixes, for example.
  18. If perfect does excist, would life be boring

    the fun things on things are the things that you'd count as a mistake

    the good things on things are the things that aren't thought, but evaluated (you can say minecraft evaluated)
  19. Minecraft is too the best video game, lmaox2. I guess perfection is in the eye of the gamer.