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What do you think EMC will be like in the future

1.9 Update will come 47 vote(s) 77.0%
A new type of supporter 2 vote(s) 3.3%
Bigger residences 1 vote(s) 1.6%
A new SMP 11 vote(s) 18.0%
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  1. Hey guys! Whats up? Well as we know throughout the years, EMC has changed A Lot and even though I may have not been around a long time to see those changes develop, I know what they are (The Power of having friends :p). I have attached a poll to see your thoughts on what YOU think EMC will be like in the future. It's just a survey I thought would come in handy. Thanks, Regards: Zaid
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  2. I feel 1.9 is going to ruin EMC :/
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  3. Well thinking about it Probably Yes however we will get new handy features which will help us.
  4. Of course 1.9 will come. New supporting options have been suggested and denied countless times. Bigger residences are planned. A new SMP... I don't know. If we needed more town plots we could just add another town world. (Expansion is limited due to the numbering system of residences.)
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  5. Why?
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  6. Because of Mob collision, new End having unlimited amounts of beacons, other things...
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  7. Definitely true. Thats why I put in the poll to suggest what you think it'll be like
  8. Those are handy though, I mean at least we get to experience new and better things
  9. My honest opinion, warning PG13 language.

    Empire Minecraft and the staff need to get their shit together, there has been a great decline in the actual quality of the staff. Staff have become way too serious and robotic, at least I feel that. As other members of the community have stated, if the community could actually have a say in how Moderators are chosen, there would be an astonishing improvement on how the community and staff are towards each other. I also feel that staff should have to use at least some grammar, nothing "nazi grammar like" but at least use caps when it is needed. EMC will be run into the ground if things don't change soon.

  10. I'm pretty sure this isn't allowed on the forum (cursing)
  11. Please Do NOT swear as EMC does not allow this nor do I accept it.
  12. Some words are, but very few.
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  13. If you have a problem with a certain staff, then please message me. They aren't robotic, but they do have to be fair to everyone and there is a certain consisitency pattern that does have to emerge. As for the community picking players to be staff, we've discussed that time and time again and it would be a popularity contest. Do you really want someone that 'got the most votes' to be the one handling cases that require maturity and a certain mod quality that a lot of the community frankly lacks. I've seen people think someone needs to be muted because they were just having fun in town chat and playing with some friends. Our method for choosing staff works. If you are upset, make sure you aren't being bias due to your brother's experiences with staff.

    EDIT: Also, quite frankly. if staff don't capitalize the beginning of a word in a sentence, it's not the end of the world. We have staff from all over and for some, english is not their native tongue. However, they do a darn good job with it and are great mods.
  14. Thanks Krysyy <3
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  15. If the community was able to choose staff members, there would actually be a chemistry between them. Like I said, this thread asked for my opinion of the future of EMC and I gave it, no one has to agree with it.
  16. I disagree. I've had no problems with the staff.
    The staff still act like human beings, have a laugh and engage with the community, but can also be serious when needed. Perhaps you just dislike the punishments given out?
    I don't see how that'd help at all. If anything it'd just be a popularity contest. Of course the community wouldn't have the final say (and I don't think we should have any at all) but the admin and senior staff team are excellent at picking moderators.
    I've never had an issue understanding a staff member. As long as they are understandable I don't see the problem...

    EMC is growing, not declining. EMC's actual decline was a few years ago, which has been reversed by the admins. [/quote]
  17. What?
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  18. Cursing is allowed, just in a mild-manner, and not directed at certain people or groups of people.
  19. The rules specifically state 'shit' is allowed.
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  20. I like the way staff are chosen. If players chose, there could be someone who is popular, but would be a horrible staff. There could be many ppl who are immature and don't know what they are doing. Krysyy knows what she is doing when she chooses them and makes sure they are doing as they are supposed to. She also observes them and puts time into picking staff, instead of certain players who just nominate each other because they are friends.

    EDIT: I was also ninja'd by Krysyy :p. She said exactly what I was trying to say.
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