?? The "Empires" update and "Outpost" Update ??

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  1. ?? The "Empires" update and "Outpost" Update ??

    So there is some confusion over what the update will bring to outposts and how the whole thing will work. So there are 2 questions I would like to get clarification on.
    * I am not trying to bring up any of the really old stuff, but the Dragon Tombs Update is dead and not gonna happen, right?
    * Is the "Empires Update" referring to what Outposts will become eventually or ?? Chat thinks that this means: the "Empire" will be the 'clan' or the players in the group, and the 'outpost' will be the "Empire" where the clan has claimed.
  2. From my understanding

    Empires has been described as a sort of guild system, think World of Warcraft ish
    A player can create an Empire and invite others to it, you can be a member of multiple but will have one primary one thats tag will be next to your name in chat, the tag is a set of (iirc 3-4) characters such as MEOW or HAT

    So if you were a member of empire "Land of cheesesticks" and it is your primary empire, and their empire tag is CHEE
    when you speak in chat it would look something like
    C-1 [CHEE] Katydidbuild: I love cheesesticks!

    Each empire has an owner who makes it and can also designate officers with higher permission in the empire, you will be able to speak to everyone in your selected empire in the Empire (E) Chat channel,

    Each empire will have a "bank" that its members can contribute rupees to for projects the empire may be working on or for upgrading the empire (not totally sure how this will work)

    You will also be able to set flags on a res per empire, so for example you could give Use:door flag to everyone in your empire

    outposts is something else, this is land claiming/protecting your builds sort of a plugin/code extension of the current outpost system, from my understanding these claims will be able to be owned by a Empire, you will be able to designate a main chunk for the outpost that you can teleport too.

    If anyone sees something I got incorrect or forgot, please feel free to chime in :)
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  3. Ummm.
    I did. I thought I only considered posting the question... Hmmm.

    Well you see, this is the more precise crux of the the question at hand, without me being the word-nerd
  4. With the dev team currently being a party of 1, promises made many years ago take time to get done. A lot has changed in EMC since the creation of this place, and most of the dev team has left (kindly put it). Basically, we are reliant on Chickeneer to do most (all?) of the dev stuff for us.

    Hat's off to him for taking this into his own hands! :D
  5. Can we please, please not forget that the Empires update was announced on 25th July, 2012 (albeit with the caveat that it was in the planning stage) - in just one month that announcement will be having its tenth anniversary. Outpost registration was implemented on 9th October 2013 in order to prepare for that update - that feature will be having its ninth birthday in four months. Eight years ago, on 7th February 2014, we got Aikar's development roadmap that showed how the Empires system would work and how it would depend on the Dragon Tombs update. Almost seven years ago, on 7th October 2015, the community was asked if we'd rather have Dragon Tombs or Empires first and we chose Empires and land claiming first. On 14th August 2016, we got an anti-griefing system that AFAIK was the first step towards the implementation of 'Outposts' (which, in all truth, I don't know where that feature was first mentioned). Five years ago, Aikar was shown coding Empires on 23rd April 2017 - that is the last public acknowledgement, as far as I can scrape, that he was working on it. Last year, Chickeneer became the lead developer on 4th August 2021 and just after that is when Empires starts getting mentioned by someone on the development team again.

    This is not some kind of condemnation of Aikar and it certainly is not one of Chickeneer. My criticism is more that these two great big ideas, Dragon Tombs & Empires, were proposed an entire decade ago. The development team should have been expanded then, and it should have also been expanded after Aikar started working on Spigot and then Paper back in 2014. It should not be up to one person at a time to work on such a big undertaking. I'd be quite interested to know why it's on track to take over a decade to make something like this lol

    Genuine curiosity btw lol I am not a developer, what is the reason this project does not have multiple people working on it at once?
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  6. Simple, EMC currently has 1 active developer working on Empires. The other devs that EMC had in the earlier years are no longer with us. That's all that's to be said about it.
  7. Good job on completely ignoring what I said 💀💀
  8. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. Space Engineers has a similar guild system with the iirc annotation in front of the name, being a member of multiple, etc. I agree, this should not have taken so long with as many peeps we had back in the day working on things. But, is what it is. Too many dreams, no sure path, and a sprinkle of time can derail any great project (or several ).
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  10. But but but, Moople :(
  11. She and I spoke, but she is not working on Empires, you are. At least from what she told me herself.
  12. That isn't what you said though... You said a "dev team currently being a party of 1". "we are reliant on Chickeneer to do most (all?) of the dev stuff for us."
    Your second message mentioned specifically working on Empires - but I just want to send Moople some love because she is certainly working on various stuff and is greatly appreciated. ❤️

    Regardless. I don't know what any of this is about. It seems like you understand the distinction. I have nothing else to say...
    When something is worth sharing - then it will be shared in an appropriate place. Sharing things before we know the final form of something is what has historically led to disappointment and toxicity. What a great motivator to improve EMC, is for the community to always bring criticism.🙃 (Not talking about you necessarily - just why I won't be sharing details about what I'm working on)
  13. Ah yes, I forgot to update my previous post. Thanks for pointing that out! :D
  14. As the discussion seems to have left the train station and gone the wrong way...
    May I direct your attention back to the questions I originally asked about and not expecting exact details, but trying to get a general idea of the destination that this train is headed:

    * Is the "Empires Update" referring to what Outposts will become eventually or ?? Chat thinks that this means: the "Empire" will be the 'clan' or the players in the group, and the 'outpost' will be the "Empire" where the clan has claimed.
  15. Many people have answered this question. I advise you to read what they have said, they have been very helpful.
  16. Yes. There are lots of player opinions and guesses out there.
    I was looking for a direction that the update was headed to or a distinction on what was planned. Not asking for nuts and bolts details ... just more than educated guesses.