[POLL] What upcoming feature do you desire more?

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Which Feature Priority should we go with?

Poll closed Oct 26, 2015.
Dragon Tombs [3], Empires, Land Claiming 194 vote(s) 33.2%
Empires, Dragon Tombs [3], Land Claiming 41 vote(s) 7.0%
Empires, Land Claiming, Dragon Tombs [3] 350 vote(s) 59.8%
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  1. All,
    The next 2 planned major features include Dragon Tombs AND Land Claiming. Land claiming is actually 2 parts, Empires and then the claiming portion.

    These are 2 things I'm sure many on both sides would prefer to come first... But we equally would love both.

    But there is more vocal awareness for the desire for Land Claiming (Empires).

    So, we ask you, which feature would you prefer prioritized?

    • Dragon Tombs [part 3]

      This is the first major step to the actual Dragon Tombs experience. This update will be where Dragon Stone/Stone Fragments come into play and get used. This will introduce new Enraged monster(s), as well as a new special case MiniBoss (sigh, spoilers I didn't want to give!) and maybe a normal MiniBoss too... I'm aiming to make this sort of a Survival Update v2.

      This is the part where you find the special areas in the Wild (Wastelands or Frontier), and you will need Stones at these locations... Then when you complete this step, it will grant you an item that will let you enter the Dragon Tomb for the final (part 4) fight. The item will remain dormant until part 4 is finished as the Stones are today, so it lets players process the stones they've collected and have the item ready for when part 4 is finished.
    • Empires / The foundation for Land Claiming

      This will be the steps to actually forming your permanent group association, your "Empire", with basic membership control. This update at first will contain a simple chain of command like Groups have, but a permanent association, and useful features like "invite everyone online in your Empire to your group".

      This update is to be released even before the actual step of claiming land.

      We have pending ideas to alleviate griefing of breaking blocks unless in an association to the owner of the block, so this would be able to be another level of affiliation on who's allowed to break your blocks.
    • Land Claiming

      The actual process of an Empire claiming land, being able to manage permissions for the region, and teleporting to/from Town, plus many more elements.
    Note: We are planning small updates before any of these to alleviate griefing any more by preventing players from breaking blocks you own in the Frontier unless you are in a group together, or friends with each other (new system about to come out)
    So were planning things to reduce griefing even before the land claiming system goes in place, so please consider that in voting. So once Empires is done, you can even have almost-claimed land in that other players wouldn't be able to break your structures, even without the full land claiming system.
    But even before empires, that will still be possible but will require you to setup friendship with players if you want them to be able to break your blocks.
    We're going to need a lot of votes on this to really be able to say with confidence it represents a good portion of the communities view, so please vote!
    Thank you :)
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  2. Isn't it about time we got Dragon Tombs? I'm sure that should be a top priority by now.
  3. This is why this poll was created.... People want different things. Vote to let us know which one is more desired.
  4. ._. I rather have the land claiming to stop all those damn griefers
  5. No question. Land Claiming. Both sound great but I'd rather protect my area first.

    EDIT: Reread the OP. Having the ability to prevent anyone breaking any blocks that I have placed anywhere in the wild is a decent step forward IMO. With this implemented and having the inability to grief, I guess I wouldn't mind which is prioritized.
  6. I like seeing this go to vote; good call. :) I'm looking forward to whichever feature the community chooses.
  7. My choice would actually be 1) Land Claiming 2) Dragon Tombs 3) Empires

    All of these features are amazing. It's a good problem to have trying to decide which order to implement them!


    Nevermind! I see that Empires and Land Claming go hand-in-hand!
  8. I Like all the ideas. But i just started a project out in the frontier, I want a friend to help and her concern is the grief more so shes worried about theft out here. I vote for land claiming.

    With the they can't break blocks placed by me, is there going to be something that a chest can't be opened except by the player or those I allow, like in town? just a thought.
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  9. Land will be owned by an Empire, not a person (Like a company). That way, a player can decide to leave and transfer ownership of the Empire to someone else instead, and lets you define levels of permission.

    We will support single person Empires for those solo'ers, just things will overall be designed for team/group play...

    Essentially, what we call "Outposts" today, is what an Empire is, just officially registered into the system and not "just a forum thread"
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  10. Question: if this "blocks you didn't place" step goes into effect, would it account for natural blocks or just crafted / building materials?
    -I have an outpost, and someone builds a pillar of dirt while exploring, to escape mobs. They neglect to tear it down after. Would I really have to file a /report for griefing just to get it cleaned up?
    -I'm roaming near someone's outpost and a creeper goes off on me. I throw some dirt & stone down to patch the hole up. Suddenly they can't dig or mine there because I placed the blocks?
  11. Good question, other servers let you know when you enter someones claim, the server also disables mob spawns in that area. Is this an idea for the design?
  12. God I hope not lol this would make mob farms null and void.
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  13. sorry mentioned it on the other thread.

    Common natural terrain blocks are not marked as special in the system. Design oriented blocks and special blocks like Chests, beacons etc are.

    But, if a player has a 'special' common block, like renamed dirt, then it is marked and will be subject to the new system idea.

    So if a player decided to build towers out of stone brick stairs... yes you would have issues, but we can get that cleaned up easy, and doing it intentionally to grief is still bannable, just would result in less overall damage to the players area, and something SS can clean up easily too.

    I hope people would prefer letting SS clean up some bad blocks rather than needing to rebuild damaged structures and replace blocks that were stolen....

    But, we can adapt the system as we find shortcomings. Maybe things like if its a single block with no other protected block nearby, and not a tile entity, it can be removed?
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  14. Mob spawns will not be turned off in Claimed Areas.

    But note, this thread isnt for discussing how claimed land will behave, but about which should be the priority.
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  15. Seems like a bit of a fight between Dragon Tombs and Land Claiming :p I am in favor of both and would like to see them but seeing as how I've been waiting for Dragon Tombs for almost three years, I'll have to vote for that to be first...

    I do like how this has been made a poll though, I see why people are voting for different things and we'll see what happens I suppose :) Either way, we'll see all of them introduced at some point :rolleyes:
  16. I am new to the Empire so I don't know much about everything, but I read up on what Dragon Tombs are and I think they should come first. It seems Dragon Tombs was started a long time ago and it still hasn't been implemented. So I think Dragon Tombs should come first, but I can see why others would want land claiming first. I am an adventurer, so I always like the challenge in the wild. So my vote is for Dragon Tombs. :)
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  17. 2 questions:
    1. What is going to happen to the current recognized established cities?
    2. What will happen if someone owns 2 recognized established cities on different servers, can they be claimed by the same empire or would they need to somehow have 2 different empires to claim the outposts on the other servers..?
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  18. I vote for land claiming because I believe emc should improve what is already in place, before bringing a whole new feature (Dragon tombs) into the scene.
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  19. The poll options are basically the same things in different order.....
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  20. That's what it is meant to be. You are voting on what order you want them to be implemented in. :)
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