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  1. Hey guys,

    As you know, we have plans in the future to update the wild officially with some features that will make wild protection very simple to have complete control over. Until then, however, we’ve put some thought into some official policies that we’re going to follow to help with situations that come up from time to time currently in current wild establishments.

    First we need to come up with what requirements we consider a requirement to have an established wild base. Here is that list:

    • The base must be at least 5,000 blocks away from all EMC Frontier Outposts
    • Land must not be within 3,000 blocks of any other groups visually established base. (Unless the other leader gives you approval, and it must be wrote on your thread)
    • Must create a thread on the Wilderness Frontier forums establishing the start of the base so that we can have a record of the start of the base and who is the established owner. The thread only needs to include the name of the base and what server it's on, but not location. Any other info you wish to include is up to you.
    • A lock chest with the owner’s name must be placed near the center/start of the base. It doesn’t have to be visible, just there somewhere.
    Now here are the benefits of establishing a base using the above guidelines:

    • The leader/leadership of the base will be able to establish a general guideline set of rules for design, structure, and planning of the base.
    • People who join a settlement will agree that they will follow the leaderships decisions in running the settlement.
    • If players do not agree, they should leave and establish their own settlement far away from the one they do not agree with.
    • Players who do not listen to the established leaders decisions will have to leave, or staff intervention will have to come into play.
    More or less, this is how it’s going to work anyways when we release “Empires”, which is the official name of established settlements with Dragon Eggs, when that feature comes out. Leaders/owners will be able to set and remove flags as they please for their individual “Empires”, so until then, we’re placing down a policy for that now, that staff will have to intervene on until that feature comes out.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to post them below and we’ll answer them the best we can.

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  2. Sounds great!
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  3. "Empires"?

    Edit: I mean, uh... nice planning. I look forward to this feature.
  4. Can't wait for this to come out. XD
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  5. This is going to be great, can wait Dragon Tombs :)
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  6. hey, good luck with the maps.
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  7. This sounds good, but what if they don't want to create a base? Can't it be recorded by the server when they claim the land, or couldn't you make somewhere private to register the base? I'll most likely be using this feature for a private base with friends, so I won't be wanting to create a public thread.
  8. agreed!
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  9. You just need to create the thread so we can establish, as staff, the date you claimed the area and link it up with your locked chest. It's fine to use this with private friends and you never have to give personal location for the base as we can see it with the locked chest. :)
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  10. Before someone asks. If you don't qualify for the requirements above: normal/current EMC rules apply. Still no griefing, etc.
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  11. Still, it will be filling the forums with unnecessary spam. Maybe make a sub forum, for threads to go for those of us who do not want to use a thread very much or at all.
  12. The thread can be created, and immediately request that it be locked if you don't want people prodding around on the subject.
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  13. You could, but it's still an unnecessary number of threads IMO.
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  14. I actually think and hope it will show up on the forums a lot. As a Minecraft forum/server, creating official bases on the forums seems very appropriate. :p
  15. Solution:
    -Have new subforum in Wilderness Frontier for threads to go in.
    -Player posts any needed details (server etc.)
    -Staff sees it, confirms it, and locks thread.
    *EDIT* And of course ninja'd lol
  16. So, the base I've worked on for almost two years that is about 7000 blocks from the nearest Outpost can't be included? I guess we've survived this long without it.
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  17. It's good and all that the staff are taking a stance on the wild, which seemed lawless from time to time, but what about pre-existing camps that aren't 10k away from spawn or are under 3k blocks away from another camp? Are they not considered camps, and there for not able to receive help from the staff? What if two people agree to build two separate camps together, but within 3K blocks?
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  18. Are these just for land claims with Dragon Eggs? Or just a new policy in general?
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  19. These will be provided the same Staff support as we currently offer; but bear in mind you will NEVER be able to claim land at those locations to create your "Empires".
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  20. as far as i understand it the rules still apply for these places however they arent considered "protected areas" under the jurisdiction of the leader. in protected areas you could prevent people from even mining if caught that simply isnt feasible near an outpost and is even harder to immediately monitor. this is to make it where leaders have the right to "grief" (in a broad sense of the word) places that do not fit in with the rules of the place.

    also i dont believe the land area requirement applies to nether
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