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Empire Union, yay or nay?

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Yay 4 vote(s) 8.7%
Nay 31 vote(s) 67.4%
IcecreamCow 11 vote(s) 23.9%
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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, mods and admins and of course the odd guest, I wish to present to you all a new organization in Empire Minecraft, modelled on the Nobel Peace Prize winning European Union with the purpose of bringing the Empire closer together towards a more common goal of economic and cultural internal development and a higher reputation across the Minesphere.
    This organization is called the Empire Union.

    How will it operate?

    The Empire Union (EMU) will be run by a Governing Institution, made up of 20 MoGs (Members of Government), 2 for each server elected by the residents of each server with Union citizenship. These representatives in turn elect 2 co-presidents who represent the Empire Union and manage all meetings. The co-presidents will appoint a 5-person Cabinet, with each minister of the Cabinet overseeing a Sector of the Union.

    What Sectors are there in the Union?

    There's an Economic Sector, a Cultural Sector, a Justice Sector, an Awareness Sector, and a Commune and Finance Sector.

    What does the Economic Sector do?

    The Economic Sector will stimulate the economy by doing the following:
    • Stimulate the Empire economy by encouraging people to go to the Wild and gather resources
    • Generate income for the Union through the establishment of a multi-server megastore
    • Create and operate open Wild bases and guides to these bases to allow people to bring in more stuff to the economy
    • Cooperation with the Justice Sector to create trade guidelines which will create a streamlined economic community in the Empire
    What does the Cultural Sector do?
    The Cultural Sector will promote the art, media and culture of the Empire by doing the following:

    • Commission and reward those which create artistic and simply amazing works in EMC
    • Increase coverage of such works on YouTube to promote the Empire throughout the Minesphere
    • Reward good forum content for making the community insightful for other
    What does the Justice Sector do?
    The Justice Sector will decrease offences and make the Empire safer and more relaxing, by doing the following:

    • Enforce the EMC rules by launching investigations into griefings as a complementation to normal moderation
    • Reward those who report and take appropriate action towards offenders
    • Set up tribunals to gather evidence and make decisions on what action the EMU takes against an offender
    What does the Awareness Sector do?
    The Awareness Sector, as the name suggests, increases awareness of the Empire. It will do this by:

    • rewarding and promoting voters with rupees and items
    • managing media and Empire PR through the commissioning of a high-volume producing YouTube Channel which shall highlight every piece of the Empire, throwing everything at the wall until something sticks, then doing more of that
    • advertising the Empire on the Minecraft Forums
    What does the Commune and Finance (C+F) Sector do?
    The Commune and Finance Sector is the EMU's budget management and central bank. Its responsibilities are:

    • determining the spending of the EMU every month
    • managing the Communal Treasury, made up of a physical vault within Communa (the de facto HQ for now) and an independent treasurer (hopefully we'll find a moderator or admin to act as our rupee storage)
    • distributing rupees among all citizens depending on their contribution, a fund is set aside which all citizens are paid a base amount from called the Obligatory Citizen Allowance, and depending on your contribution you can claim more. in case you didn't read that, FREE MONEY. NOT JOKING.
    • distributing goods to citizens who request it and are identified to have a legitimate need. in case you didn't read that, FREE STUFF IF YOU NEED IT. NOT JOKING
    • creating investments as a method of financial trade between the EMU and the citizens.
    Why are you doing this?
    I've done some pretty bad stuff here in the past and a lot of efforts I've made to make it right have backfired. I'm sorry, so I've created this so we can all benefit from a single common goal of making the Empire great. You're welcome to oppose that goal.
    What's the flag about?

    The flag has 9 orange stars representing SMP1-9 and a diamond star representing Utopia. It also has the traditional gold and silver colours of the Empire. I was considering adding a cow which produces ice cream and a car with a large eye floating above it to the left and right in honour of our Patron Saints, but I almost crashed Paint by attempting so.
    Can I become a member?
    We're setting up at the moment. Membership is invite only until a Caretaker Governmental Institution is created. After that, we'll open ourselves to the public, and an election will be held to instate a proper Gov-In on the 1st of December. We also need to build the rest of Communa, that'll be a while.
    How do I get stuff from your Communal Vault?
    1. Wait until it's built.
    2. Walk in.
    3. Ask for what you want.
    4. Wait for the clerk to decide whether or not to accept your request.
    5. If request is accepted, clerk shall check storage and find what you need.
    6. If clerk finds what you need, take it and skip happily into sunset.
    7. If clerk rejects your request, donate some stuff to the storage or opt out of the Obligatory Citizen Allowance. once opted out, you cannot opt back in for 1 week, and the clerk is free to refuse you this too as well. Although the clerk is advised to exercise generosity :)
    Can I work for the EMU?
    By all means, yes. You may work under any sector you choose. Apply to a Minister or one of his Directors, they'll sort you out.
    Am I awesome?
    Yes. Yes you are.
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  2. Oh, this thread,
    *grabs popcorn*
  3. Ok so from what I read:

    It changes everything.

    = NO.
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  4. *Gets text-to-speech up*

    I'm gonna be honest here: Has this got anything to do with scom?
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  5. Shes loving it on mine :p
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  6. Okay dude, I think we need to observe over time my projects have gotten fairer, unless you have an actual problem you'd like to bring up with the project, stop making jibes about me.
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  7. No way am I reading all of that lol.
  8. Well, in anticipation of this becoming liked by everyone:
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  9. Moderators can't be in any way associated or part of groups/clans if I remember rightly...
  10. that's the most beautiful thing i've ever read.
  11. No.

    Did I say I was attempting to control people? No, I did not. I am merely attempting to make the Empire better. Unless you have sufficient evidence to show I am not doing that, don't complain.
    I might not even be controlling all this, at the start of December you can vote me out as Co-President if you join the Union.
  12. Then we'll figure out a workaround. We'll have a seperate election for a Treasurer or a team of Treasurers and we'll trust them.
  13. Rupees are worthless over time. Invest the money in diamonds or something.
  14. Am I the only person that is reminded of the Empire Cake Party by this?
  15. Question, how this all going to be funded?
  16. What was it! Please tell me....
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  17. A little thing run by RobHatesCake. Seemed like a good idea, but it faded away - and in reality, wasn't all that great.
    SCuM/SCaM or whatever it is. He wants to get rid of Mods/Admins, take everyone's Rupees and then vote people out like they do in LoL.
  19. Just like the EU! How he planned this off
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  20. Did I say I have an "actual problem" with you? No, I did not, I just love watching your threads and the ideas which never seem to get better.
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