SMP5 Massive Excavation Project

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by 72Volt, Jun 21, 2012.

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  1. I'm overseeing a massive project on SMP5's Wild to completely excavate the area directly surrounding the Reset Zone. The plan is to derive an income stream by supplying resources found there to large megastores and to create an impregnable blockade which I control so I can charge a small toll fee to players who want to cross into SMP5's Wild.

    If you wish to help in the operation, consult DanTheStripe, the foreman.

    If you want supplies from the operation, consult me.

    This project is bound to cause controversy. However, I defend myself for embarking on this for the following reasons
    1) I'm not doing anything in the Ten Commandments wrong, as it only specifies not to touch other player's creations, and the world was generated by a machine.
    2) It's capitalism, I have the money necessary to do this, so I've earned the right to embark on this project.
    3) SMP5's Wild is largely inactive. If there are any players who live out there currently, they will not have to pay toll charges once the blockade is set up.
    If anyone else would like to pose a counterargument to what I've mentioned, feel free to do so.
  2. They could always build around it,
  3. How do you mean?
  4. I mean build a bridge around your toll or build a ladder around it too. Not to mention I took a visit over to the wild on SMP5 and there are some player creations there, right outside.
  5. It sounds like u want anyone that goes into the wild to pay u? Lol no way
  6. I forgot to mention it'll be blocked by massive lava pillars which extend to the height limit. When the ditch has been dug all around the spawn of course.
    What rule is that against?
  7. Trolls gonna troll.
  8. what are you going to do about creations right on the edge.
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  9. Possibly #1, #4 and those listed under "Other Guidlines" here:

    Also, you may want to re-think your plan before you and your friend become suspects in this similar escapade:

    Other than that, I'd like to add that you're being a weiner of magnificent proportions. Go ahead and try to implement your ingenious plan. We need the entertainment.
  10. I build bridge, you destroy bridge so you can charge.... GRIEF!
  11. We see all the posts about how less and less people are staying on EMC. I call TROLL.
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  12. PAY? To get into the wild? Absolutely not. Why should we have to pay to use something that is supposed to be free and available to all EMC users without a fine? You'll be griefed within a few days and possibly temp-banned.
  13. So the lava is meant to be a trap? I will personally go out there and die so that it is considered PvP
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  14. What you mean no one uses the wild in smp5, alot of us do but we are ninjas out there so other members can't find are wild base :)

  15. Call_Me_DeJaja said:
    I dont care if I make ANY mistakes it spelling, grammer, punctuation... I am not being carefull to not make those mistakes because this, again, is a internet forum for a video game and not my resume for an important law firm

    I'm going to stop recruiting my law firm staff from the EMC Forums. Not only do they cross post quotes, but they are generally horrible spellers.
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  16. If in the real world I built a wall around your house and asked you to pay to enter would you?
    I think this is just wrong. Why not make a public railway/walkway and charge tolls for that instead.
  17. It's too late. We've lost him to the Dark Side.
  18. I think he meant to suggest that you provide better access and charge for it rather than restricting it and charging, Battmeghs.
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  19. No, what I mean is you know how toll motorways work. If he wanted he could do a rail system in the wild and charge for people to ride although it would be silly because it would be griefed. A wall is different. A wall of lava completely blocks anyone from entering the wild where as a rail system is just a convenience option.
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