SMP5 Massive Excavation Project

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by 72Volt, Jun 21, 2012.

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  1. ICC is right.

    This IS insane... or was. There will be no one making a monopoly out of the wild today or tomorrow!
  2. But still can, in peace. :p
  3. Add him to the graveyard so I can save the pic as my background of my desktop.
  4. What about the day after tomorrow?
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  5. That is when the Flying Space Piggies from Yggip-17 will rule over EMC.
  6. What happened to the Flying Tomatoes?
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  7. That's quite a hammer arm you have there.
  8. LOL!!! WORST IDEA EVER!!! im glad icc solved it :D
  9. If it happened then 8 min fire resistance+ feather falling boots= no toll
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  10. Lol what were they thinking :O
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  11. i am still getting a laugh reading this post.
  12. this thread is awesome
    icc is awesome
  13. I know its a good laugh now that its over
  14. You're idea sounds insane sir... May I consider a purrfect idea? Or would you like a cat nap with that? Maybe we should also put some kitty litter across EMC wild so I don't have to go back into my Town litter.
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  15. It never started:)
  16. guessing thats not ur cat?
  17. No :( I wish I had one
  18. u should get one
    icc is awesome
  19. True that. :)
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