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  1. Someone has lavad the whole perimeter of smp3 protected spawn, the spawn building may be at risk and the jungle is on fire. urgent help please! (e.g. buckets of water, now)

    UPDATE: picture avaliable:
  2. OMG just saw it :O :O :O
  3. Call the EMC Fire department!
  4. Satan send his master upon EMC :(
  5. Now the server is down lets hope that it will be fixed
  6. The server just restarted, idk if it's been removed.
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  7. I was just looking at this thing. Then I got kicked by the server and I'm getting the "only connected to on server at a time" thing. But yes someone needs to stop it. Now.
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  8. let's hope so
  9. How in the world?
  10. it wasnt fixed.... :(
  11. How about you all get a bucket of water then :D?
  12. Im doing it i have a few water buckets ill do it no matter how long it takes! :mad:
  13. Hopefully there is someone on the other side of the wilderness. Because they can fix this.
  14. lava.JPG
    lot's of cobble :D
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  15. My question is. How did someone not notice this happening? Or even.. How is this possible??
  16. the 1000r starter bonus :( lots of lava you can buy from that :/ ask who bought lots of lava and asked for free dirt
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  17. he was planing to do that over the whole spawn :(
  18. My guess is they waited until the members online dropped low. I've been on servers and the number of members been around 6 before.
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