SMP5 Massive Excavation Project [FIXED]

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  1. Okay, I saw that my last attempt at the S5MEP failed because....well, have a look at what I was planning to do.

    However, I have added several fixes to the project to minimize the impact it will have on SMP5's wild!

    From now on, the area being excavated will be STRICTLY UNDERWATER. The area being excavated will only be under water springs in rivers, lakes and the ocean. A temporary cobblestone border/scaffolding may be set up around each 5x5 cell being excavated, which will be removed after the cell is empty. The wilderness should be just as easy to traverse with this fix in place.

    The lava blockade will be gone, replaced by an extensive tunnel grid at bedrock which will be excavated in tandem with the underwater mines. Players may hire people working on the underwater mines as guides through the tunnel system for a petty 100r per half hour.

    As with before, all resources will be funnelled into shops throughout all 10 servers in Empire Minecraft, so if you wish to derive a supply line from the project, contact me.

    I'm looking for a foreman, as DanTheStripe, the foreman in my previous project, has not reappeared since being banned. If you wish to apply for the position of Foreman, fill this form out in this thread:

    Been On EMC Since:
    Home Server:
    Special Skills You Have:
    Past Working Experience:

    The position of Foreman will require you to assemble a team to carry out both the underwater mining and tunnel excavation. You will be responsible for all resources retrieved from the project and transporting them back to my storage facility on 10449. Payment is 33% of what I sell the resources for. You are expected to distribute your wage among your team as you see appropriate.

    If anyone can see a problem in this I have failed miserably to notice, tell me immediately. I will not begin the operation unless the Empire community is completely okay with what I'm doing.

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  2. Wait Wait Wait, you got unbanned okay, so that's all fun and games. Can I still just walk out of wilderness area not using your tunnels?
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  3. Of course ^_^
    They're only a helpful little service for the users of this community.
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  4. Do we have to pay?
  5. Typing fail
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  6. The tunnels can be accessed for free, but guides are 100r per half hour.
    SMP5 Massive Excavation Project
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  7. SMP5 Massive Excavation Project[/quote]
    Thought you wanted to say "smp5" lol
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  8. So I just one to clarify for sure. I do /wild I can just walk away? The tunnels are an option for safer travel?
  9. So, you got unbanned? Interesting.
  10. the redemption begins!!!
  11. When do you make sense
  12. the redemption fails!
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  14. when you try to understand what i said
  15. Never..................................
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  16. I discovered your grey text, what do I win? :p
  17. Do you want to be my grey text padawan?