The Empire of the Future - My vision! (Updated: 7/13/18)

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  1. Like the future at EMC
  2. ppl should also not forget that its suppose 2 be fun for all of us, so includes staff! staff also deserves 2 have fun playing or programming, just like us players should want 2 have fun also. we all have days where we get bored and dont feel like doing something or want 2 do something else. so why would that be different 4 staff?

    dont just look out 4 something u really want, also look at what cool new stuff we already got!
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  3. The Challenge Tokens sound really nice. I would love to do something to get higher-end stuff. (I'm not afraid to get a little dirty to get a huge reward.)
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  4. Can't wait !!!! I love the evolution I've seen over some 4 yrs !!
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  5. w h y t h o
  6. w h y
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  7. Why? Hmmm, let's see .....
    - My very first day in the Empire, I went out to the wild (now the Frontier) to gather some basics - food and wood - the carnage I witnessed had me second guessing the choice I made for my very first MP Server. The vast destruction, creeper holes, lack of trees/food - with an ever expanding radius to find some -was challenging to say the least. The addition of the Waste area changes all of that, making it a tad easier to get started, as well as providing a reset-able entity complete with Biome changes. Then throw in the whole ability for things like Ocean Temples to be spawned in the Frontier (in chunks not previously loaded over X amt of time) ...Homerun.
    - Later came the custom Mobs. These raised the bar to an entirely different level. Couple that with the genius of being able to play at a difficulty level you choose from ... Jackpot !! The ability to throw in the Fun Mobs - Blizzard and the Turkey - and clearly the modification team is sharp and on point.
    - The custom Tools/Armor added along the way, as "gifts" by the Empire not only added great useful items for play, but a whole Market surge in the Collectibles realm. Useful items, as well as decoration or day specific ones marking Anniversaries or Milestones, shows a fresh look from a Server at a long term goal. How often can you say you started, then quit a MP Server, because it became stale? Over a period of time, the whole "what will be next?" concept has everyone guessing.
    - The tokens concept has this Server poised to explode in pretty much any direction it wants to go. The idea of being able to, one day, teleport to your Frontier Base, was something I wished for all along (while riding my Nether Rail or, as in the old days, a Bedrock rail). Now Dragon Stones, fragments .... we all know what is coming next ... and quite frankly I already know it is going to be groundbreaking in the realm of MP Servers.

    In each case, from my perspective, the amount of patience, planning, forethought and discussion that it has taken to get to this point shows those in charge care about what they are doing. Then to watch Aikar on the live stream thingy actually DO the coding work it takes to pull off all of the above, is a true testament to dedication and devotion the Empire creators have in putting out a quality product.
  8. I don't.
  9. Are we? Are we really?
  10. If I recall the dates correctly, he said Dragon Tombs had never been worked on about a year later. Yay.
  11. We, the community decided democratically what we wanted to see coming first... aikar would be working on DT right now if we voted for that option
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  12. Dragon Tombs is a progressive system. Around that time I believe is when we released the survival update, which is "Dragon Tombs part 1".
    So yes, progress on it was done.

    But the Actual dragon fight itself had not be developed.

    I've updated the original post header to be more oriented to now.
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  13. impressive! can't wait for this :)
  14. Nice, Aikar! But that is a lot of tasks. I hope EMC reaches the point of your vision's vision! :D
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  15. old post is old
  16. But it's pinned, so if the vision would have changed, Aikar should have updated it! ;)
  17. well yes it is pinned, i didnt tell them to mind the red text. but alot of the features in this post are already implemented, thus i was responding to "thats alot of tasks" as in its considerably less tasks now because that post is old
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  18. I like this mans vision!
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  19. Except the parts that have been implemented are coloured green. ;)