The Empire of the Future - My vision! (Updated: 7/13/18)

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  1. cooooool!!! :D SO HYPE
  2. I cannot wait until "Residence" is released!
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  3. i really like most of these ideas, but there is one im not so happy about, if there was claiming in the wild wouldnt it turn into private farms and mostly single player action in the wild and the need to go far away to even find somewhere to claim or build. but thats just my opinion, the rest is amazing!
  4. The Wild is a big place. I don't think we need to worry about filling it up for a long time. We already have plenty of people who play in just the Wild or both there and Town by themselves or in groups too.

    What we don't have is the ability to, for example, build something in the Wild which includes valuable blocks and expect the blocks not to walk away. Common blocks are also sometimes a target along with animals and crops. Even accidental stuff like a construction damaged by Creeper explosions can't always be put back the way it was. Currently all we can do is try to stop destruction or theft once we realize it has happened and you have to notice and report it within a reasonable time of it occurring. The blocks may not be recovered whether you notice they are gone or not.

    Protection will give us the ability to keep it from happening in the first place and allow people to build with confidence. This will encourage players to share their builds freely instead of feeling like they have to sneak around and conceal their work.
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  5. i see your point, you have changed my mind and i guess it means you dont have to walk as far to get to an outpost xD poor leo, anyway thanks for that reply! cant wait for all the changes!
  6. Note that wild claiming work is being done in parallel to DT. Chickens mainly heading that up, just school has him occupied atm.
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  7. hmm thats unfortunate, this has made me really want claiming in the wild xD, so many ideas in my head, oh well, good ideas! keep em coming
  8. Is there even borders in the frontier map? I see some people point that too many people establishing close to spawn would get very crowded. But if you look at it now it's already messy and many half built/destroyed structures are around. Think of it this way. The further out you go the less chance to bump into someone, you would have all the blocks of the current version (as long as it was previously undiscovered) and most importantly, the further out you go the less chance someone finds you. Plus with the ability to TP from a spot on your base to town, you don't have to worry about laying 1000s of track or piggy backing on someone elses. Personally I cannot wait for this. I will be going out REALLY far and looking for a decent spot to call home.
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  9. There will be a min distance (not decided yet) to ensure that the immediate spawn is not overwhelmed.

    Then, the system will prevent people from clustering on top of each other, so its not like the spawn will ever be "crowded".

    Plus, the entire system will include the ability to teleport from your base back to town without traveling to an outpost, so theres no benefit to being close to spawn to begin with.... best to go out as far as you can into clean land without any 'conflict' over land so you can build freely without concern.

    And no there is no empire specific limit to the frontier, and we will soon be adding new outposts to the Frontier like 3 million blocks out (to be sure its nowhere near any player...) to have completely new terrain :)

    The actual world limit is 30 million.
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  10. I.... I just don't even.. :D

    Who wants to go on a trip? :p
  11. @Aikar.. is it too soon to know what the starting claim size would be? Is it measured in chunks or blocks?
  12. Amazing! :D. Will this new land be available for claiming individually? Or only in groups? I'm assuming it's for groups only. #cantwaitmuchlonger :)
  13. I hope not lol Unless me + alts = group :p
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  14. We def announced the outpost before (found old thread in Dec 2013 mentioning we are post poning it until 1.8 is released due to the new blocks 1.8 added)

    They will be just like the current 5 outposts... part of the /frontier random teleport, portals to each ,and follows all same concepts as current...
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  15. Oh wow, that's nice!
  16. This is a great idea Aikar,! I can't wait for this to happen soon
  17. Man aikar you and and the build team and all the devs are going to have your plates full lol but I like that there's goals set and I'm looking foreword to seeing thos goals being achieved :)
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  18. I Think this is the best idea for this server!
  19. I would love to see some sort of change that encourages players to make close friends online - at least for me, I see people's names that I recognize but there isn't a lot of conversation and a lot of interaction. I'd like to see a community akin to a clan or team in some online multiplayer games, for example
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