The Community Chat Update - 12/10/17

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  1. Also a log of previous advertisements made could be helpful for mods and the advertiser himself, so if added, I would recommend a viewable log
  2. easier if people just follow the rules. It's literally what the market channel is for, and is logged!

    Also you can just copy/paste a @m message when server hopping.

    Only Market (and mod, but that was more of a technical issue as the database column was limited to 1 character... and I haven't changed it yet) was intentionally nerfed for not being saved, other channels are remembered.

    Its unlikely you want to be in market on login. Literally only the people hopping to spam adverts benefit from that, but LARGE numbers of people accidently message Market for non market things when they meant community.
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  3. I didnt even think of adding @m to the front...
    *slow claps*
    gg sefl...
  4. Since you are dealing with cross server databases, /vault last should work, even if you switch smps

    edit:since you are also alias-ing stuff, can you alias: /vault alias to /vault rename
  5. we dont store the last vault in the db. its session metadata.

    we COULD sure, just didnt do it that way. I'll file a ticket

    And we have /vault name, guess ill add rename
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  6. ~A few moments later~

    * LuckyGreenBird [Mod]:
    /vaultrename 1 BIRB VAULT 1
    /vaultrename 2 BIRB VAULT 2
    /vaultrename 3 BIRB VAULT 3
    /vaultrename 86 BIRB VAULT 86
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  7. so tell 'm about that. teach 'm! if u tell ppl in a nice way 2 do /c l or /c r and why ur asking that then they will usually do that.

    its not much different from a full server and every1 is chatting in town chat. then some ppl (usually older players) sometimes tell ppl "pls use /c r, ur spamming town chat a bit" and most of the times ppl do that. sometimes they dont want others to hear but they didnt know how.
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  8. COOL!!!!

    but my MC keeps crashing, so i wont be on till i get it fixed...
  9. At the moment, I don't feel like you even understand my opinion, and others have also mentioned similar sentiments.

    Forcing a portion of your userbase to essentially disable the chat entirely is surely not what you're intending with this update. (But maybe it is.)

    That's the only option available to users who want a peaceful wilderness experience, or are just trying to explore with a few friends, is to disable the community chat channel. That means anyone who goes to join those players is going to have to (1) figure out that they can't be heard, and (2) figure out the chat channel instructions to switch to local chat or do a private message. Considering that most new players haven't even a clue what a chat channel is, and that there's no way to know that someone is trying to talk to you or that the player 5 blocks away can't actually hear you, good luck. Not to mention, those users may or may not bother enabling chat every time they go to town. And if they don't, for all intents and purposes, you've just lost any hope of including them in the chat community.
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  10. The players that you are focusing on are generally more informed and therefore fully understand the group chat/local chat/provate chat message system that works in order to keep in touch with a small group of players. That, or if they are inviting a new player, can easily tell them to join the group channel, etc. I get that you may not like the update and some others have expressed sentiments about it as well, but you're missing the picture of what we are focused on. We are focused on improving the new player experience. Preventing the chat access in a server that boasts about our awesome community makes no sense in that regard. You have a dissenting view and I respect your right to have that view, but you need to respect our right to have a different view and make changes that fit along with what we and other players see as necessary. Not everyone is going to like every update and this is one of those you are going to have to be okay with not liking.
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  11. So we can no longer speak only to players on our SMP -- our message will go throughout everyone in every SMP?
  12. No, community chat is per-smp only. So the difference is that you can now chat with everyone on the same server, even if you're outside town and aren't a supporter.
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  13. So yeah... a small shell vent :)

    First of all I obviously like this update because we can now chat with everyone. I often ran support periods for the sole reason of being able to chat while not in town, just like many others have.

    But I'm starting to see something else happening, and I think it's a very interesting development. As most of you guys probably know I often chat, and I also often keep track of /newplayers, just to see who's new and optionally welcome 'm (or see if they need help) if I haven't talked to them before.

    Now... I'm still seeing new players run out into the Frontier. But I can't help but notice that some are now actually using it as a survival / gaming world. I've chatted to some newer players on both SMP2 and SMP9 and noticed this pattern. Several players have never been in town yet, but are still having an good time despite of that.

    These days I usually tell 'm (briefly!) about the town world and how they can get their own res. and use it to build and set up shop (for example). Some hop into town to discover all that, but I've also noticed several players who figure "meh" and prefer to continue building right where they are: the place in the Frontier which they discovered. Town is something they'll discover "later" :)

    One thing is for sure: this definitely brings some players together, and better: motivates others to go out into the Frontier because... why not? You can continue chatting with your SMP buddies :)

    So yeah, I think it's very interesting to see where this is going to lead us.
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  14. Well said, Shel
  15. Ok now I’m not confused xd
  16. well this has been out for a couple of weeks now and its still an...entertaining? feature, I just have one slight suggestion. I often live in the frontier or the wastes to get AWAY from comm chat and just talk to my friends in a group. even still the first thing I do after logging in is /c hide c and then join our usual group. I find it annoying having to do that every single time I log in or swap servers. so my suggestion is this: maybe have it as a semi-permanent thing. if you want it off turn it off and leave it that way until you, yourself, turn it back on. or barring that at least automatically turn it back on once a month or so, not every single time you log in...

    And before anyone yells that I am a loner and stick to myself...I am well aware that sounds anti-social of me and quite frankly I am a bit of a hermit and I like that :p my friends are all that matter to me not making new ones <3
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  17. Yay, maybe that means there will be more people living in the wild. Ive been wanting this for a long time. +1
  18. Hopefully. Because I'm a major part of a large outpost community on SMP6 and would like for it to grow some more, if that's safely possible.