The Community Chat Update - 12/10/17

Discussion in 'Empire Updates' started by Aikar, Dec 10, 2017.

  1. Just for you....

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  2. i think this is the best EMC xmas present ever! ^.^

    im really hyped 4 this, thanks so much to the devs. who made this possible!

    and im still gonna buy myself a gold voucher next week b/c EMC = best <3 (and i look really good in gold! ^.^).
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  3. Bird Chat? I think you mean Birb Chat ;):rolleyes:
  4. Looks interesting
  5. Don’t get me wrong, I am very excited for this new update! But doesn’t this also lessen the power and value of being a supporter? One of the main reasons I got supporter was to be able to talk in town, or community now, chat while at various wild outposts and bases. Is there going to be a new ability for supporters or is the market value just going to drop?
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  6. You may still send in one-time donations via PayPal without any reward.

    As mentioned in the OP, we're definitely looking into something to add to supporter chat to make it unique. We've had this discussion quite a bit and we've made the ultimate decision that we prioritize community interaction over supporter exclusivity when it comes to this particular issue. Yes, business side it will likely affect some players purchasing supporter, but our priority is never focused toward being a money generator, in any means. We hope that whomever supports EMC would do so to support the server, not just to chat to everyone without being in town.
  7. Oooh can't wait to try these channels out :3
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  8. I have to agree with Aikar. Ive built some really nice places out in the wilds and love the seclusion of them, however being able to chat with others while being out there makes it so much better. With out communication ability I may as well be in an offline realm on my own PC all by myself. Sure I like to fight, hunt, and scavenge for items alone, but being able to communicate with others at the same time is all win. If you dont want to see the chat, turn it off. But dont force the rest of us to do the same thing. As for new playes, if all us 'veterans' are out in 'secluded from chat' areas... how can we help them get started? I had a million questions when I first started, I still ask things today. Why isolate and abandon the new guys? I really love this change.
  9. Well, Aikar did mention looking into ways to make Shell chat, errr, sorry: Supporter chat (see: /c s) work across all servers. That would be a very interesting feature because it would allow you to chat with your friends throughout the entire Empire.

    Also keep in mind that gold and up still have some solid perks: Utopia. The Utopia waste & frontier are definitely something else, it's a lot easier to mine there. No fall damage, no night time... So you can mine all you want without having to worry too much about hostile mobs (they can still spawn during rainstorms). That also accounts for something I think.

    And... there is supporting the Empire :)
  10. Alice is not a fan.
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  11. YES! For all the little ducklings, greenbirds, and gooses, unite!
  12. Maybe you should make it so community chat is slower than supporter chat, don't ask where I got that idea =P
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  13. All good stuff Aikar, +1
  14. Ha ha many MANY chat fails are on their way from me this week then :p
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  15. Finally, I don't have to let players that enter the wilderness directly from the tutorial know to come to town just to chat with players, nor run ahead of them in the tutorial to "persuasively direct" them to town (for a better experience on EMC of course). As well I no longer have to be iron just to see what others are saying in town chat! :D

    Update Approved +1
  16. this is actually really cool, but i wish it existed back when i actually played :(
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  17. I love the update already hope you talk to all the new people more!
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  18. *geese? ;)
  19. Maybe we could call it a "tweet" or something? ;)
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