The Battle of Death || 9/12/15 - 9PM EMC Time

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  1. The time has come to finally put Momentus and Marlix down on difficulty 10....

    UPDATE: Round 2 with Marlix at 9PM EST/EMC Time to give different timezones chances to participate too!

    We will be hosting a special group event! at 9PM EMC, we will meet up on SMP6.
    We will all join a group, and the group will be set to difficulty 10!

    3PM 1st EVENT: Fought Momentus
    9PM 2nd EVENT: Fighting Marlix

    Our objective: Slay the beast!

    EMC is unaware of any successful Difficulty 10 kills on the minibosses, let's finally do it!
    === INFO ===
    While the event will be close to a spawn, there are beds placed all around the area we will be fighting. Use one!!!

    A temporary residence has been created to avoid block breaking. I kind of made a little makeshift arena design, please don't collect the green wool that's currently out of the Residence!

    A sign will be placed at SMP6 /spawn to teleport quickly to the entrance of the event area.
    But smart people may find it early.

    We will also be live streaming the event at about 10 minutes before the start.
    We will also be on Mumble, join us!


    === DISCLAIMERS ===
    This is a death event, You will die!
    Difficulty 10 has insane durability damage, your armor will break! Bring 5+ sets of armor and weapons!

    To help the fight a little bit... We will have keepitems on, so you will not lose your items on death, BUT THEY WILL STILL TAKE DURABILITY DAMAGE! (because otherwise everyone will just be picking up everyone's items and causing lots of drama "Who got my stuff")

    Also... there is a possibility something is not perfect and the bosses effective difficulty gets reduced below 10... but hope not! If it does, oh well its for fun and well still get loot.

    === LOOT ===
    Aikar will collect all loot. (it'll be forced with special flag =P)

    Out of the top value items, those who do the most damage to the miniboss as verified through token logs will receive one of the items randomly, but limit 1 high value item per player for the entire event... so if you get a Marlix Armor, you can't also get a Ticking Tock (which is 100% drop on Difficulty 10!)

    Out of the other "not so high value" items, we will then hold a on the spot drop party after each kill so everyone has a chance at getting them. We will also add a few high value items to the pool for the drop party so everyone still has a CHANCE at getting one too.
  2. First! I got a sneak peek:

  3. Sweet! Edit- Doing this with only voters stuff. Thisll be fun.
  4. Awesome! Can't wait!!!
  5. :D this will be fun and deadly
  6. cool hope to be there :D
  7. Didn't samsimx kill a miniboss on diff 10? Or was that the wither?
  8. Samsimx posted a video of himself fighting a wither on difficulty 10. He died, though.
  9. jink.
  10. noo i will miss it :(
  11. I will come
  12. Time to break out that Voters Gear!

    See you all there. :D
  13. could we come just to watch? not looking to break my gear, just want to watch the chaos lol
  14. Sounds awesome! I'll sure be there. :D
  15. I saw 2 miniboss kills, a momentous and a marlix on diff 10
  16. I will be live streaming and recording the event: I'll start the stream around 10 minutes before start.

    and please join us on mumble!
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  17. Then why didn't whoever did it say anything! that's very large bragging rights :p
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