The 12 months of farming

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  1. Hello fellow EMCers! 8comimi and I have decided to make one obscure farm a month! By obscure, we mean things like diamond and ghast tear farms instead of things like carrot or wheat farms. At the start of each farm, we will announce what the farm is, and at the end, we will post pictures. Happy farming!
    Location Found
    Nether is being nuked
    Perimeter is being barred
    Area cleared
    Spawning area tech installed
    Compactor Finished
    Actual type of farm: Witherripper!
    2014-02-24_10.51.16.png 2014-02-24_10.51.38.png 2014-02-24_11.00.57.png 2014-02-24_11.04.18.png 2014-02-23_15.11.15.png 2014-02-24_10.51.45.png 2014-02-26_19.07.39.png
    Part 1/2: Finished
    Location found
    Beacon set up
    Sub-Base finished
    Part 2/2:
    Location found
    Area Cleared
    Spawning areas done
    Sealing area
    Compactors done
    Actual type of farm: Helper Month!
    Location Found
    Farm Mascots Found
    Base set up
    Spawning areas set up
    Squids spawning
    Actual type of farm: Squid farm!
    Skeleton spawner located
    Skybase done
    Creeper spawner done
    Finishing touches done
    Actual type of farm: Music disc farm!
    Location found
    Collection point done
    Chutes done
    8/8 spawning villages done
    Actual type of farm: Iron farm!
    Advanced mob spawner done
    Iron farm done
    Actual type of farm: Helper Month 2/3!
    Location found (With Ice Spikes! :D)
    All needed obsidian has been obtained
    All portals have been placed
    Funneling System Done
    Collection Point Done
    Actual type of farm: Gold farm!
    Location found
    Base is done
    Witch hut located
    Spawning pads created
    Collection point done
    Slabbing in progress
    Actual type of farm: Witch farm!
    Witch farm collection point finished
    Gold farm trapdoors placed
    Gold farm funneling system done
    Gold farm collection point done
    Gold farm portal ignition done
    Actual type of farm: Helper month!
    Ghast farm base done
    Ghast farm location found
    Getting /entc to 0
    Actual farm not yet started
    Rail system not yet started
    Actual type of farm: Ghast farm!
    Marine4121 - a whole lot of stone brick
    The outpost of Cathaga - 51 stacks of stone brick and 3 stacks of obsidian
    tedrocker - 27 stacks of packed ice
    Ark_Warrior1 - 10k and witch hut location
    BevK56 - 5k
    cadgamer101 - 10k
    ruari342 - 30k
    Seanawesome14 - 10k
    jrm531 - 25k
    NathanRP - 15k (still need payment)
    Current Farm Budget: 80k
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    8comimi's Head8comimi (Co-owner)
    hashhog3000's Headhashhog3000
    jacob5089's Headjacob5089
    Amusedstew (Inactive)
    Samsimx (Inactive)
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  2. This sounds sweet! I like Swordfish... butts
  3. We know you do ;)
  4. We all do!
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  5. I'm pretty sure I just found your base.. it took me about a minute to find it on the live map
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  6. I doubt that. Even if you did, good luck getting there.
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  7. So this is what you were talking about on ***********
  8. I'm pretty sure I found it, but I'm not going try and get there, because I have two big projects in the town and I wouldn't want to go that far into the wilderness anyway. It would take a loooong time
  9. New years bump
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  10. Cool. :)

    Why don't you do a Lets play with it? Record some as you go. It'd be awesome.
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  11. Livestreaming is too laggy for me, I've tried :(
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  12. Awesome!
  13. OK, don't do it live. record, edit, post the vids.

    They don't have to be extensive. I just think the nature of this year long project would be hugely supported by some motion media. If you can't do that, maybe get one of the many you tubers/producers to do some 'segments' on your builds. Pass them all your footage, they can edit together something quick and throw it up. Or they could come do a 'lets have a look' at your finished build. Moving pictures just present much more than a still screenshot. :)

    The idea is excellent and pretty epic IMO. So epic media to back it up is a must. :)
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  14. The thing is, I have no video experience whatsoever, and don't have a screen responding software.
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  15. Well, goodbye empire ecomoney
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  16. I didn't know Diamond Farms were possible
  17. Enraged zombies drop diamonds. And so, it's farm-able. :) I've thought about how one would do this effectively, and can't figure it out. So love to see this farm in action. (Name a momentus?)
  18. Cool idea! :)