Thanks maxarias

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  1. So, some of you eagle eyed people might have noticed that maxarias is now an retired admin. I would just like to thank her for her service ;)

  2. It's about time she was finally set as retired.
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  4. Lol @ this thread.
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  5. Mysteries! :)

    Obviously I tried to look up her profile but not everyone may access that. Then I remembered the sites search feature and for sure; I found an older post which clearly shows this status.

    Never knew her but I'm with Builder up there. From what I can make out from the posts I've seen she looked pretty involved with the community. Even learned about 'SpongePowered' which was totally new to me ;) And I discovered that the "Coding with Aikar" sessions were actually already around long before I joined.

    It's amazing what you can find when digging into the past. Right now I'm planning on spending some quality time to go over this comic strip contest, looks interesting and the idea is, as people already mentioned there, totally awesome!

    So yeah, I think a "Thank you for all the hard work!", is definitely in place here.


    Here's a fun example of community involvement: Maxarias to the rescue! :)
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  7. When I used to play here back with my old account I remember max I can't believe she left! She used to fly around and set people on fire at their res
    rip max