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  1. So, here is what's going on.. I'd like to feature some player art every week on the Empire Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus page!
    You may be wondering, what I will accept as art.. Well simply, I'll accept Screenshots of your residence, as I believe it's art. I'll accept hand drawn pictures, and digitally drawn pictures. It does not have to be Minecraft Related.

    Any contributions may be shown in the future, and THE ART MUST BE YOUR OWN ART. You cannot submit something that someone else has made.

    Please post your Art to this form using Imgur!

    Regarding Gifs: If you are going to submit a gif, please also post a still picture of the frame you like the best. (That means in a picture format of jpg, png, bmp, or what you prefer, but is not a gif.)
    This allows us to post the still version, while admiring the gif version as well. :)

    **WARNING: Facebook does NOT like transparency in pictures, and will mercilessly butcher your picture if it has transparency in it.**

    If you like the art you see in your Facebook feed, please share it because your friends might like it too!
    If you don't have the Facebook page liked, here's a link for you:

    Don't know what Imgur is, or how to use it? Here's a quick Guide!

    First, find the image that you want to post. For Instance, I want to upload "StaffCureAll
    .png" for everyone to see.

    You can either find this img through imgur, or you can drag & drop it on the website;

    Click 'Start Upload' for this part.

    Next, you'll see it is on Imgur! Simply select a link from one of the side bars. You can also right click the picture for a direct link, or copy the link at the top of the page.

    Congratulations! You're now able to send your pictures to friends easily. :)
  2. *whips out a pencil and paper and sees hand cramps in the future*
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  3. We had this already, right? Why are you making a new thread?

  4. It was very difficult to keep track of what was already submitted and what wasn't. If a link is provided to Google docs, we can just color the cell it's in rather than juggling tons of pictures like we were doing previously. ..We were keeping all of the imgs in a dropbox folder. :oops:

    TL;DR: More efficient, less time searching FB for confirmed posted pics. :p
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  5. a very old thread from before
  6. EDIT: Oops, I didn't read the OP closely enough. Never mind, you specified Imgur.

    Do you want us to pick a picture, or do you want to be able to scan through our work and pick something? Some folks have "galleries" on websites like deviant art or in my case, pencil madness. Actually, since mine is all done through the Pencil Madness app, not sure if you need to contact them to re-share on Facebook or anything.

    Also, it turns out I have 282 sketches on Pencil Madness. Oh boy. Never mind, you don't want to scroll through all that LOL. I'll just try to pick some of my favorites.
  7. Not sure this thread is still valid...
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  8. look at when this thread was posted....
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  9. Oh dang it! I hate when I fall for an ancient thread being bumped. Derp derp, thanks!
  10. I haven't seen any works featured in a while, honestly.