[Offline] Code With Aikar - LIVE STREAM + Mumble!

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Aikar, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. Hey everyone! It's time for another Code With Aikar! I am now Live Streaming!

    I will be live streaming while working on EMC and other misc tasks, as well as on Mumble if you want to join and be on the stream!

    I am live now :)

  2. Yay something to listen to while building!
  3. Get ready for Kappas ;)
  4. Lots of code. Much confusion. #AikarsLife
  5. I don't even know.PNG
    Coding streams can be quite amusing :) EDIT: Do you realise how the text color fits the eyes of the cat?
  6. Done for the night, hope everyone enjoyed.
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  7. And we're back live!
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  8. *Bans for failure to participate in the Ludum Dare.* :p
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  9. Stream has a lot of lag for me :3
  10. Glitchy lag or delay lag?
  11. It freezes for a few seconds every 30 seconds or so. May be my problem, I'm using an iPad. But watching Sethbling works flawless.
  12. Yeah the app is weird for me as well, only high viewer count streams run smoothly...
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  13. *makes it mandatory to watch the stream* :D
  14. I would go, but there's a charity stream I'm watching
    Have fun everyone who goes! I went to the last one anyway :p
  15. It was mining for charity wasn't it :p
    I watched it too it was sweet, but they only raised around $2,000 :(
  16. Markiplier's Monthly Charity Livestream actually haha :p
  17. Darn it >_>
  18. Aikar - dora???
  19. Aikar*A*dora
  20. Ok... Quick forum game! Insert any verb into this sentence: "Aikar ___ a dora!"

    Aikar ate a dora!
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