[CONTEST] EMC Comic Strip Contest

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  1. Empire Minecraft Comic Strip Contest!!!

    Rules are simple:
    -Be Minecraft related
    -Must have 3-10 panels (the white boxes)
    -Must follow all EMC rules (no inappopriate language, rudeness, etc)
    -Must be your original work (no getting rich off of someone else's effort)
    -Do not use alts to submit multiple entries
    -It can be drawn by hand or with a computer, but MUST be submitted via computer (so scan it if it is a drawing)
    -No player names included.

    Submissions Close August 31, 2014 at 11:59 pm EMC time.

    1st Place: Empire Cartoonist's Sketchbook + 1/2 donations
    2nd Place: 1/3 donations
    3rd place: 1/6 donations

    Submit Your Comic Strip: CLICK ME

    Submit a Donation: CLICK ME

    xXvexenXx - 200,000r
    Kephras - 150,000r
    jrm531 - 30,000r
    People of Carthaga - 10,000r
    SDOliveira - 7,500r
    Cowman18 - 3,000r
    bretlexi95 - 1,000r
    BabyCreepersRule - 1,000r
    darkflight12 - 500r
    nessamoo7 - 500r
    meerkatman1 - 130r
    JaydenIrwin - 1r

    Tiger Mask (with certification)
    Ore Buster
    Flaming Mob Launcher
    Everlasting Axe Stopper
    Dimaond Armor and Tools Set (1st place)
    Iron Armor and Tools Set (2nd place)
    Gold Armor and Tools Set (3rd place)
    'Seanawesome14's Soul'
    5 emeralds
    1 Creeper Head
  2. What an AWESOME idea!
    Love this one!

    *whoops out crayons*
  3. I have the perfect idea for this, no idea how to get it working though...
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  4. Yay can't wait idk why Im useing this color :p
  5. Will it be more weighed to the content of the comic strip or our drawing capabilities? :p
  6. <.< >.>
    very nice, looking forward to the results :)
    good luck to everyone entering
  7. Content with bonus points of course for drawing...

    Basically if it's tied with someone else neck and neck and they have better drawings, then they are going to win.
  8. I really like this contest, great idea! I may have a go at this one but rather than using fancy computer skills, having a go with 'ye olde pencils and pens on paper! It is something you can have fun with in a variety of ways and so the entries into this one are going to be very hard to decide on because everything will be so unique. Good luck but most importantly, have fun in this contest everyone!

    PS: Might use fancy computer skills... We'll see ;)
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  9. how will stuff be judged? Some people prefer art styles, so judging may be a bit biased, but the community would rather vote for Mr.Popular than the other guy.
  10. Current Status.PNG
    I don't even know...
  11. As with the other contests, there will be multiple judges. Also, it is more based on content than drawing skills so art styles should not affect the outcome.

    I think the biggest thing that is easy to say we are grading on is CREATIVITY =)
    That's only one panel =P
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  12. "Max: Why is my name thrown in there
    Me: You are part of my daily attention...."
  13. He's not lying. I heard it!
  14. Such smooth. Much wow.
  15. I had read EMC Strip Contest..
  16. It was all a plot to get more promos I tell ya.