[SUGGESTION] Make Vault free for everyone to open

Discussion in 'The Suggestion Box' started by TrumanIII, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. I remember when I was a newer player and didn't have 5 vault pages, and I also have alt's that dont have 5 vault pages, and the 5 minute timer introduces a sort of stress and urgency I personally think should be done away with. I hop back and forth to try and get something done, ignore conversations (sometimes) to hurry and finish my vaulting before I run out of time. All this is over 10 rupees.

    Furthermore, particularly when it comes to being a new player, this great feature is introduced to you to move around servers with your stuff, but then right away you are charged rupees for doing it. I know it made me wonder if I was going to be nickel-and-dimed everywhere else like I am for the vault. The answer to that question is a resounding NO, but this small inconvenience could be enough to make player's say "this isn't for me."

    It should be free, for everyone, always.
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  2. two things... one: 10 rupees isn't hardly anything... two: 10 rupees isn't hardly anything and that's dumb. make it 100 rupees. haha. no really. this is pointless why was this even a thing ever?
  3. I don't particularly think this should be implemented. It's very easy to vote and get enough vault vouchers to have a free vault if it's important enough to the player.

    Additionally, like Gawadrolt said, 10 rupees isn't much at all. You get 100 rupees every day just for logging in, so you get enough rupees every day to have your vault open for fifty minutes.
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  4. I understand that. But my point is that it FEELS like an expense to worry about when your new, not that it actually IS.
  5. It does. :p I avoided using vault as much as I possibly could, until I finally just used 4 vault vouchers I got from voting. :p Even now, I refuse to use vaults on my alts, because they aren't free there and it just doesn't feel right... - It's the same with mail. I never anything, as for the cost I could just as well set up a chest or hop over to another server for a second (and that's disregarding the fact that it feels weird to send away items to a state where they are sort of gone. :p).
  6. I agree. The 10 rupees feels pointless. On a relevant note, Maybe just have a lump sum payment of like 500r to have vault access, and give new players 500 extra rupees. And then have it be part of the tutorial to purchase vault access to get through the tutorial. This way new players are more aware of it. Dunno.
    Either way, 10r is pointless enough that its just an annoyance to non-new players and yet still stressful for new players. If the rupees you spent on vault actually went to something it might be cooler. Like a server wide fund for something, where you can also donate directly and when a certain amount is reached then the server gets a special promo or something. Idk.
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  7. Also, for new players, they don't know the value of a 'rupee'. Most of us have been around for a while, so 10 rupees is nothing, however a new player may think that it will hinder their progress, and leave. +1
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  8. I think I'm up to 250 pages. Too many really. Most all of them where vault vouchers from voting. Still have a stack an a half of vouchers left. Start voting you will benefit and so will the server.
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  9. As a guy who has less then 5k I say it’s ok to pay 10 ruppes to open it, and 10k fo expansion
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  10. Wait, you can have more than 10 pages? I thought I was limited to 10. 250, wow.
  11. I've seen this many of times before where the ease of making something free will benefit all... Vault vouchers are easily required by voting and if you wanted to take the paid option you can. Overall, not a needed change
  12. +1. I can't tell you how many times I've seen a new player at a Miner Mania get upset about having to open their vault and pay. It is scary and makes you hurry. We shouldn't be charging like this.
  13. Vault is already free access. But I think you mean more storage?

    That's not too hard to obtain. If you vote regularly, I think it's almost every week, or so, you get a vault voucher, for free. :)

    If you do that over the span of half a year, you get a lot of vault vouchers, each of which give the player another vault page, for free. :D
  14. Vault isn't free? He meant the 10r cost you have to pay for opening it until you get enough pages.
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  15. The 10r fee when you have less than 5 pages is really annoying and it should disappear
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  16. How about we make the vault free for the first 30 days of a new player? So they don't seem too intimidated by the rupee system.
  17. When does vault cost 10r to open? I don't remember ever being charged 10r to simply bring up the vault GUI.
  18. lol - it costs 10 rupees to open when you have 4 or fewer vault pages. :)
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  19. No kidding? Yeah, I must agree with others, that's quite a dumb thing in my opinion.

    (I wouldn't know/remember since I've had 10 pages for years. Haha)
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  20. Some good points here, 10r is nothing today, however, 7 years ago a diamond was worth between 18 and 27r so 10r was a chunk of change with only 100r a day for logging in. I think an upgrade to this service is due but rather than 10r what if it could be linked to TopG Vote instead. That would make opening your vault free and encourage voting on the server.

    What do you guys think, if it could be done that is?