[SUGGESTION] Claiming outpost in the Nether and End

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Good idea?

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  1. I think this would be an awesome addition to the rules on claiming "land" in the nether and end. Not just the overworld. This allows more of a incentive for more idea for nether/end bases. And they go noticed in the player outpost thread. Please vote on this thread, we want staff to notice our concerns about only overworld claiming!!
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  2. Is this not currently allowed? I was literally about to request my nether based wild outpost for establishment in a few days...
  3. it isn't. i tried to make a claim for an end base and tower denied it. saying that it only applies to the overworld, rules set by kyrssy and alkar (sorry if i mis-spelled thier names ). If you need proof, it's in my minecraft logs if you need to take a look at them
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  4. That is simply ridiculous. That would mean I wouldn't be able to protect the main part of my outpost...
  5. I agree, that's why i'm making this thread so spread awareness and get upper staffs attention :D
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  6. If Outposts must be 3000 Overworld blocks from other structures, that potentially places Nether structures 375 blocks apart which isn't really very far. Add Nether Portal linking to complicate things and I am not sure I'd like to moderate them either.

    We are allowed quite a bit of autonomy over our structures everywhere though. I claimed an Outpost directly over a farm I built a couple of years or so ago and we had a player who put very little effort into it and was a bit abrasive. When they started monopolizing the farm I contacted Krysyy and was able to kick them out.
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  7. I'm confused about this comment, i'm sorry
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  8. Basically 1 block in the nether is equal to 8 blocks in the overworld. There are rules about how far away from a protected outpost a claim must be in order to become established. So if you were to travel out 3,000 blocks in the overworld, it would only equate to 375 blocks away from a protected spawn in the nether. I believe this was the point Pab was trying to get at, please correct me if I am mistaken :p
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  9. Maybe do it so that your claim in the nether doesnt apply to corresponding land in the overworld, and the same 3000 blocks out apply? That's basically how the overworld works, you don't get rights to the 1/8 land corresponding land in the nether.
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  10. Tbh, i really only want the end to have claims, i know the nether is a tricky thing
  11. I like this idea but if you start getting the outposts in the end people would start complaining(more so than usual)If they died on the way to your outpost and lost all of their stuff

    Also what happens if someone spawns in the dragon as like a act of anger than no one can get there
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  12. That's the owner's responsibility to warn player that are on the way to that outpost, the possibility of death and losing stuff
  13. I would be completely okay with having nether outpost have to be only 375 blocks from each other. :) (or the idea Extendingskys shared)

    I think this indeed makes the most sense in the first place. :p
  14. What ever your land claim is, I think it should also protect that same area in the nether (to scale). So if you had a 1000x1000 overworld area protected, then the nether side would be 125x125.

    The End might be a little harder since there is so much void. Maybe you can only claim an island if another is within a certain range. Much like town roads, you need to give people somewhere to land at least to avoid death.
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  15. The end would be easier, 1k*1k. The owner should be careful and mindful about the dangers and rules on choosing where to be in the end
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  16. Or 2k*2k, etc I'm not sure how big
  17. Few thoughts on this.

    The Nether
    • It's got transportation tunnels (rail, horse, ice, or just a dug out running path) all over it. Can you imagine not being able to claim an area of the Overworld because there are 2 rails in the corresponding Nether portions? Claiming corresponding Nether would be a nightmare, especially since there are so many builds already out there.
    • People aren't griefing when they make a portal. They made a portal and whoops - they wound up in your outpost.
    • Perhaps it's do-able if the bottom and the top are reserved for transport (can't claim top or bottom 30 blocks), and Nether outposts are sized and spaced apart MUCH smaller (like 100 blocks or something). Line of sight could still be an issue even with this. How is someone to know that they are in your outpost if they happen to be in an enclosed cave?
    The End
    • This seems more do-able to me provided end portals are used as the "markers" instead of spawns (i.e. 3000 blocks from any end portal).
  18. Thought back:

    My nether outpost is tens of thousands of blocks away from spawn, and at rail level. It's extremely unlikely that someone else could be there, due to the distance from spawn.
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  19. Bump! :)
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