[Suggestion] Bring back the Invisibility

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  1. Now I believe this has been suggested before but I wanted to see if there was support.

    Invisibility potions have been banned due to their nature of not being able to see the other player


    That was the concern, as well as greifing but should it be banned in all of the worlds? I believe that town should be the only place that invis can be used.

    1. Town is fully protected, if someone pops a potion, they aren't hurting anyone
    (Plus if you really wanted to find someone /livemap unless they turned off tracking)
    2. This would bring up the potion market just for a little bit.
    3. Events can be centered around this, like pvp events in smp6 (wow I am old)
    4. Friends can mess around with one another, I am imagining a Villager and Commander moment here

    Now here's the kicker, if you don't want players invisible on a residence, you got that covered too.
    /res set buffs:invisibility false (Would normally be set to true)

    I would like to know what you think and thanks so much clicking in!
  2. I like it, it be nice to have my secret alts invisible to bust people for illegal activities when no mods are on. :p:D:cool:
  3. +0

    You have valid points, but:

    1. PVP on SMP6 is dead mate. (I know, I feel old too.)
    2. The market is dead in general, we need more players to contribute to the market for it to be a noticeable difference.
    3. You have a valid point that players cannot hurt each other, but that allows other players to invade your privacy. (Which defeats the purpose of having yourself invisible on map if other players can just stalk you in person.) :confused:

    The only use I can find it to be is for other players to stalk and ghost other players. Unless you can think of something else, I stand by what I said, though I am open to other possibilities that can potentially change my mind~
  4. SS does this all the time, it's like Big brother but staff. Plus invis can be seen,

    The partial effects are big giveaway plus as part of the 1.12.2 update, you can read noises... If you are that paranoid of course. There are ways of combating this. I also suggested the removal of the potion effect if you wanted to remove it from your res.
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  5. Fair point(s). I forgot that the particles are not invisible.

    I'm quite for privacy, ever since (not going to name anyone) this one particular player stalked me... in quite a creepy fashion... :confused:

    I had to revoke everyone's flag to visit my res JUST to get them to leave me alone...

    I'll change my support to +1, since it isn't 100% invisibility.~
  6. +1 I think this would be a great addition to the server. I would love to see this happen.
  7. Been skeptical of this but if it in town I kind of like that (sorta...) +0.5
  8. +1, it can be useful when fighting mobs (shulkers), and i also think invis pvp would be a fun thing to do
  9. +1- I literally wanted invis to fix a blaze farm the other day but it wouldn't happen
    and it would help me explore a section of the cave...

    (drawbacks: gotta run with no armor..)

    Oh wait. this be town. nvm.
    + 0.5
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  10. I like the idea for Moderators to have it available. :oops::eek:
    Too OP, when it comes to fighting or eluding mobs.
    In town use don't really see the point, other then some mischief.
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  11. who the heck are both of you...
  12. isaacnorman

    You've been away for quite a long time, recognize me now?~
  13. hey i know u
  14. +1, quite useful for mob purposes and fun to play with. Since the anti-grief is so good these days, the invis is basically meaningless. They'd get caught either way. You can also do /c l and /c who to check who is near you, as well as a few other sneaky ways to find out who might be nearby.
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  15. as far as i remember that only works if they have chat on
  16. Just some dude
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  17. There are no hostile mobs in town, right?

    I'm not so sure about this. I like being able to see people when they come up, but I guess this would rarely be used anyway. And if I want to know if someone's on my residence, I use /chat who (although I hadn't considered before that you can turn chat off, in which case that won't work). I can understand that this might be fun for some, though... and if it'd be a flag, I wouldn't have to be concerned about it while on my own residences, which is where you'd most desire privacy anyway.
    So while I'm still not in favour of the idea as I don't think I'd have any benefit out of it, I don't have any valid concerns against it either. :p
  18. Ok sry if im about to expose moderators but I’m pretty sure mods can vanish :p I’ve seen proof of it
    As in a mod talking in chat and not being there xD
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