Staff Head Acquisition Information

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  1. So, one of the most popular questions on EMC since heads were introduced has been "How do I get staff heads". This question probably coincides directly with the annoyance some of the staff must feel in answering this question day-in and day-out. So, I got to thinking that maybe someone should create a forum post with this information all in one place, if that is possible. I invite staff to please comment here, or reach out to me through forum message or in-game to add their information here, with hopes of making it easier to deal with this important topic when they are asked!

    • Aikar: Prize for staff event
    • Krysyyjane9191:
      • Red: Not released
      • Orange: Prize for staff event, Firefloor (Last Block Standing) (13 is existence so far)
      • Yellow: Prize for staff event, Stairway to Heaven (2 in existence so far)
      • Green: Prize for staff event, alternates with light blue and light purple
      • Light Purple: Prize for staff event, alternates with green and light blue
      • Dark Purple: Not released
      • Light Blue: Normal head, prize for staff event, alternates with light purple and green
    Senior Staff:
    • Bigdavie: Prize for staff event
    • B4DMAN5IMON: Only one in existence
    • The_Boulder: Prize for staff PvP event
    • Chickeneer: Will trade heads if asked nicely
    • Hashhog: Not currently giving them out
    • RainbowChin: Prize for staff PvP event "Kill That Chin". Announced here:


    BurgerKnight is holding an event which will reward participants/winners with possible heads!See thread here for details:

    There are some in existence, but he doesn't currently give them out

    At least 1 is in circulation, last seen in a preview chest on poofasaurus' res at 3469 on smp2. Unsure how many there are are how to obtain them.


    Given out at choice events, as is his signature.

    Given out at Staff vs The World PVP events. Only about 15 heads floating around now. Will be dropping 2 at his drop party coming soon. 12 sold for 250k at his res, however not selling anymore except for special circumstances. Gives out signature books freely.

    Will exchange for 1 compliment given in Town Chat. No context may be given as to why you gave the compliment. If asked about it, you must claim you just really like him.

    There are heads in circulation, but she does not give them out. She may give a signature if asked politely.

    Might drop at future staff events, only a few are in existence

    Finding one already in circulation.

    20 to 30 in circulation, not giving anymore out

    Only given out at personal events and occasionally at staff events

    Not currently giving them out

    Prize for staff event

    At least 1 is in circulation, last seen in a preview chest on poofasaurus' res at 3469 on smp2. Unsure how many there are are how to obtain them

    Only given out at staff events. Sigs are given if you send a book and quill

    Prize for staff event, mostly Midnight Miners. 8-10 believed to be in existence. Signature is planned to be given out as well at some point.

    Will sell head through PvP arena for 10k rupees


    Will give a head if asked the right way

    Not currently giving head out

    Occasionally offers as a prize for randomly chosen (by self) staff events

    Only 3 exist as of last asking

    Will give a head if asked nicely

    /sendmail one of your heads. I keep all of these heads and I do not sell them. I will /sendmail one of my heads back. If you wish to obtain a duplicate, you must use another account to /sendmail me a head, or buy one from another player, or obtain one from an event.

    Only donates head to museums.

    Only 2 should exist from the first time he was a mod 2 years ago. This time around he offers them for trade; the head of the player asking in exchange for his. His head should carry no rupee value.

    • MrSocks75: BrenJone owns the only one in existence
    • JesusPower2: At least 1 is owned, unsure of method of acquisition
    Former Staff
    • Ahksel - Will trade heads with players she does not have a head for yet
    • allengero: Contact him if interested
    • amadai: Given out as a prize at some staff events
    • AndrewBuchinger:
    • battmeghs: Will trade heads in PvP
    • bob23646: Will give a head if asked politely and he has one available
    • DarkModFallen: Not currently available, though 5-10 are floating around
    • Dreacon78: Only 2 in existence; not giving them out currently
    • GameKribJEREMY:
    • GameKribJim:
    • Green_Mystery:
    • highlancer54: Available as a prize when they are available to run a staff event
    • IcecreamCow:
    • ItsMeMatheus: Available to purchase for 100k at 4266 on smp2
    • JNightwind: Unknown at this point
    • JustinGuy:
    • Live2DieSlowly: Only one in existence, supposedly
    • LittleRobotSeffy: Killing her in PvP arena, or finding the secret shop that sells it.
    • margaritte:
    • Maxarias: Only Maxarian Head promos are available. No actual heads in existence
    • Shaunwhite1982:
    • Silken_thread: Sells his head at 13131 on smp6 for 30k rupees
    • Torian42:
    • UberCorq: Killing him in PvP
    • Zion_Moyer: Available for purchase for 150k at "/v +pp" on smp8, or at personal events
    This is the most current information that I am aware of. I will update this as I know more, and will share whatever I can with the community. This page is a constant work in progress, and I will adjust it's content as I need to. I hope this helps everyone!

    *updated February 24, 2017*
  2. I don't know if you were planning to but I think players would love it if not only did you add how players aquire the head but also how much they could aquire it for :p just a thought.

    I still love your beard... not in a creepy way.
  3. These are the ones I know:

    JackBiggin - Charges 10k for a head; players must kill him in PvP for it
    Luckygreenbird - Gives them out to people who ask nicely
    BlackKnight1021 - Gives them out to people who ask nicely
    eviltoade - obtained through winning one of his events
    baradar67 - killing him in PvP
    Manchildie - killing him in PvP
    Dramanya - killing her in PvP
    BreezyMan - killing him in PvP
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  4. Orange Krysyy head - Last block standing [Fire Floor]
    Blue Krysyy Head - Drop parties (Don't quote me on that)
    Rainbowchin - 'Kill that chin event' = Chins PvP Head
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  5. Light blue, green, and purple are given out at events.
  6. I'll try to fill in what I know :)

    • Krysyyjane9191-Listed above
    • Maxarias-Only one non-promo Maxarias head is in circulation, to the best of my knowledge.

    Senior Staff:
    • Bigdavie-Gives out his heads during events-It was the reward for winning his Easter Egg Hunt
    • B4DMAN5IMON-Only one in existence
    • Dwight5273-Unsure
    • Chickeneer-Gives to people who ask kindly in return for his own head
    • ItsMeMatheus-I'm unsure, but there are plenty in circulation
    • RainbowChin-Listed above

    • AnonReturns - No heads are available, and there are no current plans to make them available.
    • JackBiggin-Listed Above
    • allengero-Used to sell for 10k
    • Seffychan-Killing her in PvP
    • samsimx-Gives one to people who ask kindly
    • Luckygreenbird-Listed above
    • BlackKnight1021-Listed above
    • Damiensmom11-Between 20-30 of them in circulation, is not currently giving them out
    • highlancer54-Unsure
    • weeh666-Unsure
    • crystaldragon13-Unsure
    • Aphaea-Unsure
    • EffinBatman-Unsure
    • eviltoade-Unsure
    • Baradar67-Listed Above
    • Manchildie-Listed Above
    • Dramanya-Listed Above
    • BreezyMan-Listed Above
    • ElfinPineapple0-Very few in existance-I believe 4... They were given out at a DP
    • AlexChance-Unsure
    • UberCorq-Unsure
    • Melk73-Unsure
    • Dreacon78-Unsure
    • JNightwind-Unsure
    • Ahksel-Unsure
    • iamcavie-Unsure
    • Live2DieSlowly-Unsure
  7. I have four elfinpineapple0 heads at my res. I think that there are much more
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  8. AnonReturns has told me on mumble that she has no intentions of putting her head in circulation so do not expect her head.
  9. Also the only Maxarias head that isn't a promo belongs to finch_rocks_1 but he said he's not giving it up.
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  10. I sell mine for 100k each
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  11. I believe EvilToade (sometimes) has head drop on at PVP, and he gives some away at events
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  12. 99,999 if you toss him a bread crumb :p
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  13. I am the only owner of one, and is displayed at Hash's Museum.
  14. I own 2, from PvP kills =P
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  15. Ahksel has 1-3 heads in circulation with no plans to give more out :)
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  16. and 98k if you make all the road edits go to Chin instead of him, :p
  17. He might even make it 97k if all of finch's road edits go to Chin, instead of him. :p

    Lol, just messing with you finch :D
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  18. Thank you for replying Matheus!
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  19. I am not even on CT anymore, so my "head statuses" would not merit being on this.. Ironically though, it wouldn't merit being on there anyways even if I was still on CT for Empire, as normal CT member are just Schrödinger's Staff.. :oops:
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  20. You don't want my head. Even thought I washed the blood out it still smells like carrion and it is super gross.