[Selling] Moderator Head: Torian42

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  1. "Sorry, I do not sell, trade or give away my head."

    I have no idea how many times I've said this. I really don't like dying in minecraft and I turned off head dropping the moment the feature became available. The decision not to sell, trade or give away my head is one I made a long time ago and still stand by. However, after a lot of thought I realized that I already broke two out of three of those decisions. *pulls up a chair*

    The History of Torian42's Head:

    When heads first came out, I made a decision to make them very rare. However, in the beginning, this was easier said than done. Most names have been left out to avoid player harassment. Currently there are 8 heads:

    Head 1 - Mine. Yes, I have one for myself.
    Head 2 - Donated to krysyy's head museum on smp2. (Don't bug her about it.)
    Head 3 - Traded
    Head 4 - Given as a gift
    Head 5 - Given as a gift

    Yet To Be Distributed:
    Head 6 - To be sold privately
    Head 7 - To be sold publicly
    Head 8 - To be tossed in lava in a future event with lots of witnesses.

    Once this is done, I would have previously sold, traded, given away and even destroyed my head. My OCD will feel better and I can use that first statement without wondering about the road not taken. So, Torian, why so long winded? Get to the point! Ok, fine.

    I have ONE Torian42 head for sale at One Million Rupees (1,000,000 r). Anyone serious about buying this ONE head may declare their wish to buy in this thread. The first person to respond to this thread offering to buy will be given the opportunity to pay and pick up my head. If they fail to pay, I will disregard that offer and go to the next person that has responded in this thread with an offer to buy. This is not an auction and the price is firmly set. This is a one time offer that will not be repeated. This will be a single chance for a museum or collector to get my head.

    I'm also trying to set the record for most expensive head on EMC as it would be cool to add to the trivia of EMC history. :D


  2. I'll offer 500r?
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  3. I think you missed this part :)
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  4. If I make an effort to buy this head can you confirm the heads given out as gifts won't be sold?
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  5. I'll pay you 1R upfront and the 999.999R over time.
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  6. Those that have been given are being hoarded basically because these ppl love me. Come to think of it, they're most likely in a chest or deep underground somewhere. Never to be seen.
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  7. To clarify, the full amount all at once is a requirement. Of course, I also realize there's a certain level of irony here. :p
  8. i would if i had that much to spend on 1 head for my upcoming display ;/ but unfort i dont
  9. Bump

    To get the word out.
  10. It's really tempting for my upcomming museum, but i guess 1mil is too much when there is more of them out there...
  11. I'll break your record one day ;) Not a single one of my head exists.

    Joking, but seriously. My head doesn't exist because I haven't died since they came out :p
  12. Consider that there are fewer heads than we have servers and of those 5 "out there" only 2 are displayed publicly. One at krysyy's head museum on smp2 and one on my 4th res on smp5. One will be destroyed publicly so that brings the total number of released heads down. I just couldn't have an odd number released... it's an OCD thing. Just something to consider.
  13. :confused: i need this. but i am so far away from 1,000,000 rupees. :/ grr torian grrrr
  14. It's times like this that I wish I were rich. :p
  15. The temptation is there, but I'd have no use for it really. :(
  16. Sold. 1,000,000r for a Torian42 head.. Contact me for time and place to trade r for head.. :)
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  18. Attention EMC historians, please make a note of this. :p
  19. Mkay. I'll write written books, post screenshots of this to the random screenshot thread, make blog/wiki posts, put in in my signature, make your head my avatar, and tell anyone who will listen about this event. Is that note enough? :p
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  20. Yeah... that'll do, I guess.

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