Solve the puzzle for a massive drop party...

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  1. Someone solved the puzzle so time to announce a date. December 23rd at 2:45pm EMC time on smp1 at /v jkrmnj. There will be tons of prizes for all involved. See you then :)

    1. Recognize the grey text (#2a2a2a) down below which says "smp1 my res"
    2. Head to my residence and search until a sign is found which says utopia 3
    3. On my third Utopia residence was a puzzle and a tower. Inside the tower was a sign that said Pushbullet. The puzzle had 8 blocks with signs on some of them. There is also a sign that says +1 and loc.
      1. The 8 blocks with signs were binary. A sign = 1 and no sign = 0. Adding one to the binary and turning it into Ascii get the letter "i". going to the "loc"ation i would have brought people into the tower. Sadly, I forgot about flying and people got in anyway.
    4. The word pushbullet will lead to a thread which was edited to have an image with Wingdings and the word "Hidden" and "notepad". Opening the image with notepad reveals some text. Most importantly, a date, us/<stuff>/943944 (number was incorrect), double 2 double 4 and a 1, and some text that didn't make it into the final puzzle.
    5. Looking at the wiki at that date will show that is equal to This would help people realize the second line as a url. As for what stuff was, it would require some guessing and logic.
    6. The url from the second line will bring people to a post with the text Double one double 3 and a 6 = 11336 and a long list of seemingly random characters.
    7. Hopefully, people now realize what the 3rd part of the pushbullet clue means. Using that in the url presents a new thread that is very old. From there I mention a thread with about an unofficial wiki.
    8. Finding the unnofical guide I had written, players will see a pdn file with two layers. Opening it with presents a hidden layer that says base64.
    9. Using base64 to decrypt the characters from earlier gets the final solution about stopping the timer.

    Every day the puzzle isn't solved, one slot from the chest will be removed from the party starting from the top left. For every slot still in the party, I will add a stack of diamonds and 10,000 rupees to the event on top of anything else that will be there. These aren't the only things at the part but are still very valuable. The date of the party depends on when people solve the puzzle.

    This willsbe incredibly hard andmwill require everyone workingptogether. If you find1anything then share it with others. Hopefullymyyou can get itrbefore alleof the slotssrun out. You will know when you have found the end...

    Did you miss it already? Good luck with the rest of it :rolleyes:
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  2. I got
    smp1 mres
  3. smp1 mres... But there is a 'y' right after the 'm'. While it's not by itself like the other letters, I think we can assume it's "Smp1 my res". Also, going WAY out on a limb here, but "you will know when you have found the end" makes me think of actually going to the End. Idk, just my 2 cents.
  4. Ahh, I didn't even see that other Y! I think it is smp1 My Res too :p imma go scope it out when EMC is back online :p
  5. You found a hint. I will tell you know that the hints can be a little vague at times but I believe in everyone :)
    Once again, the answer will be fairly obvious although people should definitely post anything they find in case someone else has an idea on how to proceed. I will also avoid saying anything else about the puzzle except "congratulation" from now on unless it is really important.
  6. i went to his utopia res an saw loc on there
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  7. Not sure of this will help, but I did a little exploring, found a
    sign that said Utopia 3
    on his Utopia res, I found a sign that said loc and +1
    cow room, but no renamed cows on his 1st res,
    sugarcane farm, but no clues.
  8. A lot happened since the start and I had to make a couple small modifications. Don't worry, nothing was changed, but I had forgotten about utopia flying and some people were able to skip a step and find a clue. At the place where Pushbullet was found, the puzzle has not yet been solved and I modified the solution to give some better context and have a much less vague clue. Hopefully this helps everyone and because of the confusion I will extend the deadline by a few hours. 24 hours from this post the first item will be removed.
  9. Whats a pushbullet? :confused:
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  10. :D FOUND SOMETHING! After searching all your res's again, I googled "whats a pushbullet in minecraft?"
    There popped an emc page that said Pushbullet-mobile app, and here I found jkrmnj's post.

    Its a code thats really complicated. Again. Confusion. :confused:
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  11. Guys the clues could be res locs that are set. Find the clues, slove the word and bam! Res loc/end found
  12. That link is a font in microsoft word. I don't have word, but would recommend someone finding the font, and trying letters until they match.
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  13. Font is wingdings. beware of the man who speaks in hands.

    One thing to note, the "O" of "Notepad" looked weird in the picture for me (it had some extra bits on the bottom of the square) but when I downloaded the image it looked like a normal square. It could easily be some mistake on my end though.
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  14. Whoa!
    I like this.
    I don't even care about the ultimate rewards--I just like this idea of hard puzzles.
    But it's like 1:30AM for me and i need to sleep for tomorr--I mean, today's final final exam. And then I'll be free to!--

    Well, point is, hope I can join in quick enough tomorrow to contribute something xD
  15. Can someone try and find this? I feel like it would help quite a bit.

    EDIT: Found it.
    EDIT: Here's another one.
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    Yes, the font is wing dings, as I learned from Undertale (Don't quote me on that, I will quote back :p). And that is what me and seanawesome14 got, the the O in NOTEPAD is N:TEPAD, which is weird...
    I would love to slove it, but what is a slove? lol
    I get what you mean, it is a res location that will lead to something, we obviously have to try something, look on every residence jkrmnj's residences.
  17. lol, Genius idea to do that IMO, even though I WANT to win this. Good call on your part! Anyways Mistakes were made when you forgot about pushbullet, now we know your secret ;)
  18. I can add on to this! Like so (I also think jkrmnj meant to put "I don't know who" in there, just to throw people off)