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  1. Welcome to the Unofficial EMC guide. Hopefully both new players and old ones can find some useful information.

    Q: Why would I make this and what is it?

    A: EMC is constantly updating and the Official guide isn't so I have decided to make an unofficial one. Here you can find information on EMC in one easy place. I have included links in the guide to outside sources that explain stuff pretty well. This includes the Official guide since not all of the information is outdated. I know a wiki is being made but it may be a while until it is finished.

    Q: I found a mistake in the guide. What should I do.

    A: Please pm me with this info. I want to keep this thread clean and useful. I will do my best to fix it asap.

    Q: I want a section added. Now what?

    A: Please pm this to me too. I want this to be full and comprehensive so any suggestions are welcome:

    Q: Could you post a link to another great guide?

    A: if you know of another guide that is useful then post it in a comment. This is important to other players and many would value from seeing it in the thread. I will also try to add a link to it in the other guides section.

    Q: I have a guide I wrote for EMC too. What can I do with it.

    A: You can pm with a text file and I will include it into the main post. I promise to give credit to you.

    Q: I have a question about this guide and/or EMC.

    A: There is forum section for EMC support. I would recommend posting there but if you really want to then post here if it is a simple question that can be answered easily. If the question is a about the guide then post here.

    Credit to the Empire guide for a lot of this.
    General commands

    /help An in game way to view the most common commands

    /rules Shortened in-game version of the Ten Commandments

    /who ServerName Check who is currently on any server
    Leave ServerName blank for the server you are on

    /pinfo PlayerName Gets information on a player, including if they are on any server
    Shortcut: /p

    /report PlayerName Reason Report a player to staff for breaking the rules

    Town commands (these can only be used in Town)

    /home Teleport to your residence (if you have one)
    If you have more than one: /home #

    /town Return to the Town spawn (the center of Town)

    /shop Teleport to the Town Shop

    /visit PlayerName Teleport to another players residence
    Shortcut on any of the visit commands: /v

    /visit AddressNumber Teleport to another residence by address number

    /visit random Teleport to a random players residence (on your current server)

    /visit open Teleport to a random open residence (on your current server)

    /claim AddressNumber Claim an open residence as your own

    /wastelands Teleport to a random protected zone in the wastelands
    /frontier Teleport to a random protected zone in the Wilderness

    /res set firespread [true:false] This changes whether fire will spread on your residence

    Rupee commands

    /rupees Check your balance
    Shortcut for all rupee commands: /r

    /rupees pay Player Amount Give some of your rupees to another player
    Example (shortcut): /rupees pay JustinGuy 500

    Vault commands

    /vault help Shows vault help

    /vault Open the first page of your vault

    /vault pageNumber Open a page of your vault

    /vault pageName Open a vault page by name
    Example: /vault redstone

    /vault info List the pages of your vault

    /vault expand Purchase another page for your vault

    /vault name pageNumber newName Name a page of your vault
    Example: /vault name 2 redstone

    Chat commands

    /chat Channel Sets your active channel, all future messages you send will be directed to this channel
    Example: /chat town
    Example: /chat residence
    Example (shortcut): /c t

    @c message Sends a quick message to that channel
    Example: @t Hey town whats up!

    /chat who Tells you who will hear any messages you send (to your active channel).

    /ignore PlayerName
    Example: /ignore BobTheBuilder

    /ignore list Displays a list of who you have ignored

    /unignore PlayerName Unignore someone you previously ignored

    /tell PlayerName Message Send a onetime private message
    Example: /tell BobTheBuilder Will you marry me?
    Example (shortcut): @BobTheBuilder Will you marry me?

    /tell PlayerName Start a private conversation
    Example: /tell BobTheBuilder
    Example (shortcut): @BobTheBuilder

    /reply Message Reply to the last private message you received
    Example: /reply I heard you
    Example (shortcut): @@I heard you

    /leave Leave a private conversation (if you are in one)

    /chat off Turn chat completely off

    /chat on Turn chat back on

    /chat status off Turn chat status off

    /chat status on Turn chat status back on

    /chat tips off Turn random chat tips off

    /chat tips on Turn random chat tips back on

    /chat tip View a random tip

    Supporter commands

    /map hide Hide yourself from the live map

    /map show Show yourself on the live map

    /res message enter message Customize the enter message for your res (Gold and above)

    /res message leave message Customize the exit message for your res (Gold and above)

    Advanced residence commands

    /res reset Reset your residence DELETING everything in it

    /res unclaim Unclaim your residence DELETING everything in it (and giving up ownership)

    /res info View detailed information about the residence you are standing in

    /res unstuck Moves you outside of the residence you are in

    /res tpset Set the teleport location in your residence

    /res default Reset all your res flags (permissions) to default

    /res pset PlayerName Flag True/False/Remove Set flags on a player (flags are like permissions)

    Horse commands
    /horse Check the stats of the horse you are riding

    /horse release Release the horse you are on

    /horse riders +name Lets a player ride your horse

    /horse riders -name Removes a player from being able to ride your horse

    Stable commands
    The stable is where you store horses for server transporting
    /stable View the horses in your stable

    /stable store Store the horse you are riding in your stable

    /stable summon # Summon a horse at your current location

    Group commands
    See the Group section for info on what groups can do.
    /group See all group commands

    /join joins a group

    /invite [name] Invites a player to your group

    /group kick [name] Kicks a playewr from your group

    /group leave Leaves the group you are in

    /group leader [name] changes the group leader

    /group block Block incoming group invites

    /group unblock Unblocks incoming group invites

    /group xpshare Toggles if group members share xp

    The rules can be found here.

    EMC is a survival multiplayer server (aka smp) and there is NO PVP anywhere. EMC runs off of Bukkit which is a special Minecraft server that runs plugins. Lots of EMC plugins are custom coded by the staff. You can find more info on the many things that make EMC great in the other sections.

    When you first log into EMC you may be a little confused at first. Don't worry because it is easy to learn. First is the tutorial maze. The tutorial maze is to make sure you know what you are doing and help you. You receive prizes for completing questions. When you come across a question you don't know then visit either this guide or the official EMC guide to look for the answer. All answers are in the Official guide if you look hard enough.

    Once you get out of the tutorial you will likely be greeted by the players. EMC is very friendly towards new players and will gladly help you. If you aren't greeted don't feel bad. Not all players watch the chat and some may be in the wild and can't greet you. Now is is time to claim a residence. Unless you are a supporter you can only claim one. Type /v open to find an open residence. You should receive a message after teleporting that explains claiming. Type /res claim number to claim a residence.

    Now that you have a private residence to build on you need supplies. There are 2 ways to get supplies. You can mine them normally in the wild or buy them at shops. There is an EMC shop but DON'T BUY THERE. It is very overpriced. Instead you can shop at player made shops. Ask on the server you joined for a good mall. If you are on Smp1 then 1010 has a list.

    This should get you started. For more in depth info see the other sections.
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  2. There are a few different worlds to can play visit.

    Description: This is a safe world. It is full of residences that you can access.
    Chat: The town has a few different chat channels.
    /chat town: you can chat with everyone in town
    /chat local: you can chat with anyone within 100 blocks of you
    /chat residence: you can chat with everyone in the residence you are on
    In town you can see everyone who chats in town chat. For more chat information in town click here.

    Description: This is a world for wilderness exploring. You can mine resources here although it isn't recommended. The main purpose of the frontier is for outposts.
    Chat: you can only chat in local chat in the Frontier. You are automatically switched to local chat in the frontier unless you were previously I residence chat.

    Description: The wastelands are for mining resources. They are reset often.
    Chat: Same as frontier

    In the frontier and wastelands chests are unlocked and can be stolen from although it is against the rules. To protect your stuff click here to see how to lock stuff in the wilderness.
    There are nether and normal versions of the Wilderness and frontier.

    Credit to ICC for some of the flags.
    A residence is like a home. By default only you can do stuff on your residence. With /res pset [playername] [flag] [true:false] you can let other players do things on your res. The flags are

    - boat *
    - boatplace
    - boatdestroy

    - minecart *
    - minecartplace
    - minecartdestroy
    - tntminecart
    - storageminecart
    - hopperminecart
    - poweredminecart

    - enderpearl

    - shear

    - firework

    - anvil

    - villager

    - kill

    For more residence info you can click here to see the page on the official guide.

    Click here to see how to make and use a sign shop along with some rupee information.

    The Official guide is missing that you can type /iteminfo to view a number that is used to replace the item name for special items like enchanted stuff. You can also put [slot #] to sell from a specific slot in your chest.

    The vault is how you transfer items across EMC servers.
    Click here to see how to use it.

    With EMC you can join together in groups to chat and play. Typing /g will show a list of group commands. With groups you can share xp when fighting monsters, mine faster, and fight harder. All group commands can be found in the groups part of the commands section.

    You can set a pressure plate to teleport to a specific area on your res or to another res.
    1. Type /res tpsign Where you want the pressure plate to teleport to
    2.Directly under the place your pressure pate will teleport players to place a sign with the word teleport on the first line.
    3.Place a pressure plate directly above the sign.
    Now when a player steps on a pressure plate it will teleport them.

    Emc is full of custom stuff and the survival update is a perfect example. The survival update added enraged versions of zombies, skeletons, and creepers. There are also nether hounds which are found in the nether. All are immune to fire and don't burn in the daylight. They are also faster, stronger, and have more health than there normal versions. You can identify them as having particles around them and when you move your courser over them it says enraged zombie, skeleton, or creeper. There are also two new boss mobs. Momentus and Marlix. Momentus is a giant zombie and Marlix is a giant skeleton. Both can suck you into them and trample you. Momentus can spawn enraged zombies to help him fight so be careful. There are also new mob drops that have been added to the game.
    Shiny flesh: is just like normal flesh but is shiny and more valuable.
    Shiny arrow: They are somewhat better than normal arrows.
    Zombie virus: This gives you greater protection but also causes many bad consequences.
    Bosses will also drop weapons and armor sometimes. These are much better than normal armor and can be sold for a high price.

    You can find the Empire Guide here and an entire forum section for guides written by staff here.

    That is it. I hope this helped you and remember that you can suggest a section for me to make.
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  4. You need to add tp flag.
  5. Thanks. I just added it to the flag list.