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  1. Hey EMC'ers:p,

    im presenting to you MVPINC. I know creative right! :)D) well back on topic, basically im building a skyscraper on smp2 and smp5 (smp5 being my main building) and looking on expanding to other servers.
    So, im hiring people to work on building the skyscrapers and become a member of MVPinc. If you would like to become a member PM me in game and/or on website.

    These buildings will be for Farms, villager trading, exclusive shop for donators ( i will talk about that later), and more coming soon!

    If you would like to donate there are benifets, that were mentioned before. You get exclusive access to farms, villager trading, and a discounted shop! However, you must donate 1k or more to become an exclusive member (or if you donate materials i will decide if you can become an exclusive member).

    Materials Needed:

    -Wool (Orange, Dark grey)
    - Sandstone
    - bricks
    I Will update this list as i go!
  2. Sound cool, i have some sheep on smp5 /v ahzeriel 3, i can give you use and you can dye all you want. Good luck =)
  3. That would be awesome! thanks!:D
  4. The flags are set, they are all red/pink now. I also gave you breed so you can make the multiply if you wish. =)
  5. Ok perfect
  6. Stone bricks ill get 5-10 stacks by Friday
  7. Bump! any1 good with design looking for some people to be part of my company:p
  8. bump! looking for people to be part of the company!
  9. If I am correct in my math... If we want a 50 block high tower... It would cost.... 1 million rupees...
  10. what?!?! no it wouldn't!
  11. i can build a 256 block high tower for 60k easily!
  12. With Brick Blocks it would...Shop price
  13. I'll join and help build. I am not the most artistic person but if I have a picture or thing to base it off of then I can make it.

    Well, this is an old one.
    You want to know something else interesting,
    before the wiki, there was just an outdated help section of the site.
    Someone made an unnoficial little wiki and guide at some point. I can't remember who though.
    You might want to find it.
  14. i told u they are easy to get in wild there is tons of clay in wild