[SERVICE] EMC Updates and Free Rupees with Pushbullet

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  1. You like EMC updates, news, and stuff like that for free? Oh, and free rupees?
    (the correct answer is yes)

    In recent news, I made a Pushbullet channel for EMC stuff. This is *the* fastest way to hear about new posts in Empire Events/News/Updates, as it auto-fires the second a new post is made. I'll also give away rupees, post about awesome events, and just do general EMC-related stuff.

    What is Pushbullet?
    Pushbullet is an app that lets you send and receive bits of info on your phone, computer, etc. You can subscribe to channels and receive everything from that "channel" as a push notification on your computer or phone.

    How to Download
    Go to the App Store/Google Play Store. (On PC/Mac, just google "Pushbullet")
    Find Pushbullet.
    Log in with your Google account.

    How to Subscribe
    On your phone, scroll down to the bottom of the Featured Channels. Click "enter tag". Enter "emc". You're done! Or, on your PC, click this to subscribe: https://www.pushbullet.com/channel?tag=emc

    I'll put more info here as time goes on. Thanks for reading this quick post :)
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  2. Who made this app?
  3. I found the name "Ryan Oldenburg" in the Blog as the poster, and
    the About page says it's built by a small team of coders in San Francisco, CA.

    There's also this video.

    EDIT: The video is made by Pushbullet, of course. Official.
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  4. Done :)
  5. Very nice!