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  1. Hello Empire!

    Today, after some very hard work from the two of us, JackBiggin and I would like to present to you the unofficial Empire Minecraft Wiki!

    This wiki has been kindly paid for by jack, and is ran by a combined idea from both of us.

    The goal for this wiki is to create a giant encyclopedia about the empire, where everyone can learn about anything that the empire has to offer. Anybody who is a member of Empire MC can create and edit posts to make the wiki even better. Before you do anything on the wiki, we ask that you read this page to get an understanding on how to edit the wiki.

    Empire wiki will be providing free advertising to many contests that are running within Empire minecraft using the current events page. We will also be adding many tutorials that will help you all out (with rupees spent out of our own pockets!). If you'd like to donate any amount of rupees to help with the project to create tutorials, or if you're just feeling kind... You can do so by donating to jackbiggins or drogba921. All donations are appreciated!

    Pages can be edited by anyone who is a registered member, and should be detailed and given as much description as possible. We ask that you also help out on pages that have notices because they lack needed information. If you can help out in any way, PLEASE DO!

    Before i say wrap up the thread we'd like to thank Ismooch and Green_mystery for registering and giving us some help, and we'd also like to thank @icecreamcow for allowing this project to move forward.

    That's all i have to say, if you have any questions please post below. :)
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  2. Very nice! This might be another link added to the side of the homepage :)
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  3. Yay, the post is up! :) Could I also ask that if you do sign up and think your page would benefit from interactive content (example here), could you either PM me here or leave me a message on my talk page and I'll be happy to sort one out for it.
  4. I'd also like to thank Green_Mystery for editing and iSmooch for triggering so many pony related convos on SMP1. :)
  5. i think that it should be informed to justinguy, gamecribjeremy and icecreamcow immedietly they will be thrilled!
  6. This was done previously. Also ICC = GKJ.
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  7. Um...This may seem a little random but could anybody tell me how to start a thread on the forums?
  8. Happily: Click on the section you with to post in (Eg: community discussion) then just under the search box you'll see an orange post new thread button.
  9. It's free to host a Wikia
  10. You should check the wiki to confirm your facts. The wiki is actually run by MediaWiki on a private host. It's free to download but jack has to pay for the hosting.
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  11. Wikia does indeed host all wikis.
  12. no it doesn't. Holy dang.
  13. Thanks for all the people who have signed up for the wiki thus far. We're looking for some more members so that we can get more info for all!
  14. I can guarantee you that Wikia does not host all wikis. I am paying to host it with a hosting company. Wikia uses a heavily modified and locked down version of MediaWiki which wasn't good enough for our uses so we use a better version that isn't hosted by Wikia. Oh, and to clarify your quote doesn't it say it's a host for Mediawiki, not the only one. If you don't believe me I'll be more than happy to post a screenshot of the PayPal invoice.

    *Sits in corner and calms down*
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  15. Alright guys, keep it in PMs, let's not get this thread way off-topic.
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