So what do you use your ALT for?

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What do you use your alt(s) for?

Poll closed Apr 24, 2016.
Collecting more promo's! 41 vote(s) 61.2%
Roleplay 3 vote(s) 4.5%
Building stuff more efficiently (includes testing things!) 20 vote(s) 29.9%
Economic reasons (stocking shop, transporting mats, auctions, etc.) 30 vote(s) 44.8%
To be in more places at once 37 vote(s) 55.2%
To keep myself company 14 vote(s) 20.9%
To play on EMC without people recognizing me 16 vote(s) 23.9%
Just for the fun of it 12 vote(s) 17.9%
I don't have an alt 13 vote(s) 19.4%
#altpowah! 22 vote(s) 32.8%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hi gang!

    We've seen plenty of polls about the amount of alt's people have so this time I'd like to ask something else... Now that we've established that many players on the Empire have their own alternative personality I'd now like to ask you what you're using him/her/it for?

    Don't worry: the poll is anonymous so that no one will see your vote, not even the staff. This will make sure that if you have an alt which you'd like to keep secret then no one will be the wiser. This will also be the first one of my votes where you can select multiple answers :)

    For those who don't know or are new to this: An alt is basically a second character. You can get an alt by getting yourself another Minecraft license, so basically a new Mojang account. Then you can start a second copy of the game, log on using this other account, and presto! Now you got two players on the Empire.

    And the best part: using an alt on the Empire is perfectly legal!

    My first 'alt'ernate encounter

    When I set first foot on the Empire it didn't take too long before I came into contact with this mysterious fellow who was very friendly, yet very mysterious at the same time. "An anonymous person left some gifts for you on SMP4", he said to me and many others. You guessed it: that turned out to be one of Hashog's alt characters. He played it so well and so convincing; I knew right then and there that I was also going to get an alt of my own someday ;)

    So when GRIP was pretty much taking off and Aya was getting more involved with the economy up to a point where keeping the GRIP funds was actually hindering her I decided that it would be the perfect time to get an alt of my own!

    GripCEO; me and my alt ;)

    Now, I don't make it a secret that GripCEO is my alt. And even though the main intent is merely to keep hold of the GRIP funds I still like to roleplay every once in a while when I use him. Sometimes even a bit too much ;)

    At one time I logged onto SMP2, gave one of my silly entry speeches (I think it was something like "Have no fear for I am here now!") after which my friend DoubleCakes9001 and me made quite clear that, well, yeah: "No, just go away already!" we told him. After which another player rightfully told us that we shouldn't be so rude :D Of course we quickly explained :)

    But hey... How else should one react to someone like GRIPCEO who has this mentioned on his profile: "My hobbies are: firing people, hostile takeovers, pyramid banking schemes investments, embarrassing ShelLuser and making money.". Such a nice fellow :eek:

    So yeah... What do you use your alt for?
  2. To make sure I have all the colors of the Rainbow.

    Though at first it was to get more property since we could only go up to 4 res's total with diamond only and derelictprotection didn't exist. Heck i don't think vote protection existed. I'm kinda old...

    Also I love getting alts to get cool names. Currently contemplating one that I kinda just NEED lol
  3. Recently I've changed my alt's name to Faithcaster5, and needless to say it's confused quite a bit of people. (A lot really) and even an issue with staff. xD I won't go into details but lets just say Faithcaster2 almost got free diamond supporter. :p
  4. I have alts to get more residences to accommodate my somewhat-large builds. It also helps me conquer SMP5 town spawn.
  5. A.L.T = Angus_Likes_Tunes I could make that my alt if the name isn't taken. lol
  6. One alt stays at a farm out in the wild, one alt stays on my res building, and the other alt I use for PVP/events. It just makes playing more efficient.

    plus promos
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  7. pff, alts.. I think that is an insulting term used to hide your own intentions. No, the political correct term would be: Different Mojang Accountable Entities for Personal Purposes. DMAEPP!

    Also; mains don't keep alts, us alts keep mains. We're like cats!

    #altpower! :D
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  8. Gold Farming.
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  9. I use mine for more promos, being in town when my main is at my wild base, and soon I will be getting diamond for it so I can do some large builds.
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  10. I should use my spoopy anonymous alt account on here.
  11. I use my alt for its head AND to help keep my inbox clean. :)
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  12. Oh I didn't know you were Faithcaster5 :oops:
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  13. I don't really know... promos, of course.
    But other than that... an extra residence?
    Actually, probably the name. I thought of the name, and then thought about buying a Minecraft account for it ;)
    And then, when my first EMC birthday came up, I decided to buy it because I could then have two anniversaries on one day in the following years :p
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  14. I originally got one to be in two places at once (saving travel time and such), but the extra promos are nice too.
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  15. To say rude things on the forum.:eek:
  16. I do not say rude things. That's terrible.

    But I do use the alt to talk to myself.
  17. To play minecraft 6 times at once, its pretty enjoyable that way.
  18. hehehehehehe
  19. I use my alt to mess with people with my... similar names.
    So far, I've had Dufne, Rhythmicalllly, Dedzia14Forever, and ShelLoser... erm, you didn't hear that >_>