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  1. Allow a way for people to protect themselves, let them carry a weapon, for adults.
    Maybe just a really loud alarm for children.
  2. ICC is saying what if John Doe is going to town but then gets pulled over for doing nothing wrong. Only reason the cop stop him because he wanted too. <--- That won't fly here
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  3. yes, lets look at that. Even though we have less people, we still have the right police to citizen ratio. Just because america is bigger in size, or population isn't exactly a good excuse. You have more people sure, but that means you can always have more police to accommodate for this.
  4. Violence contributes to more violence. Society justifies the violence because it is in defense; but it is still violence.
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  5. Actually in Australia there was a similiar scenario in Tasmania (The little island on the bottom of Australia) With a massacre so they enforce some laws and programs to get rid of the Guns and there hasn't been an incident since.
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  6. Once again, impossible to police every single person. Prevention usually requires the ability to tell the future. Nobody has that. We could add 1000x more cops per state and there's still more people who can just up and go where ever they want and commit a crime.
  7. Well, it should fly there. Because the cop is only doing his job. If you just had random check ups, then you'd immediately decrease the amount of "trouble" that happens. A police officer is a police officer. He (well here) is completely entitled to pull you over for a check. And theres nothing really wrong with it. Infact the community welcomes it.
  8. *high five

    Yes, Cops do their job. Their is at least 2 drug raids a month where i live and I know most of the cops/ State Troopers. Their good people doing a job but if stop me because they want to it would be wasting Tax payers money
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  9. Wrong, you can't prevent any trouble from happening that way, only delay it by a few minutes.
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  10. Ahh yes, heard about that... Port Arthur 1996? Yes the gun laws before then were very lenient, and after they significantly strengthened them... not a problem since.
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  11. Put 3 kids in a room full of a box of toys, in an hour you might have 5 or 6 toys around on the floor. Put 10 kids in that same room, you have a disaster.

    Law of numbers. Common sense.
  12. There are mayn laws about guns and you do need a license to carry one on your person legally
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  13. I bet if we told the kids it's against the rules to play with the toys though, that would make everything better and there would be no toys on the floor, because we asked them not to. :rolleyes:
  14. Guns dont kill people, people kill people.
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  15. We could just ban people?
  16. Does /ban work IRL?
  17. I like this idea.
  18. Guns don't kill people, hats do.
  19. We need to go back to the old ways where instead of throwing someone in jail you strung 'em up from the cherry tree in the town square so they could rot for a few days and stink up the town as a warning for others.

    Sorta like "Pirates ye be warned"
  20. In United States I believe you have to 21 or older to purchase a handgun legally and to a carry around concealed weapon will take weeks the State of Texas because of background check to cover everything about to citizen wanting one. As purchasing one Illegally if you get caught with one except the hammer to fall on you in the courtroom.
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