So sad and Disgusting!!!

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  1. What were you doing that you've had to get pulled over numerous times?
  2. You've never lived in the American South. Most rednecks can't understand logic. When gun regulation is mentioned everybody starts freaking out and saying that,"the government is trying to take our guns! Billy Bob go form a militia".
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  3. Maybe.... we could wipe America of all guns... Somehow..... then lock them in some kind of safe.... or better yet.... Burn them!
  4. Ahh yes, then what really needs to be done is more effort to uncover these underground dealings... rather than worry about whats going on in another country... ya know, fix your backyard up before trying to sort out someone elses. :rolleyes:
  5. Haha, I lol'd
  6. The issue is, that's impossible. It's a VERY good dream, but you can only do so much "uncovering". One thing gets shut down and two more pop up.
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  7. They do it normally, it happens at random to people who are known by the police to own a gun. Nothing wrong with it. Just enforcing the laws. I shoot often at the local pistol club (at paper targets... not humans )
  8. Yeah...that wouldn't fly here. Being randomly pulled over for doing nothing wrong? Not in 'merica.
  9. gun laws do not prevent someone from killing people anymore than laws against killing people prevent someone from killing people.
  10. I know, but at least push harder and harder, and "hopefully" it will start to make a difference. Yes it may take some time, but you have to start at some point.
  11. Actually, allowing each school to have ONE gun locked up in the office, just in-case something like this happens, isn't all that bad of an idea.
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  12. It's been going for many many decades already. Unfortunately, you can't stop evil and it will always continue to push.
  13. I don't think that is a good idea. Some kid would figure out how to get to the gun.
  14. Thankfully different in the UK, the police have the power to pull over anyone on the roads to make sure they aren't up to to no good.
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  15. Put it in a safe.
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  16. Yeah, that's bad.
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  17. Yeah, the general idea would be to stop the guns getting near to the schools in the first place.
  18. I agree. Gun control doesn't have to be a bad thing, but I don't want to be randomly pulled over for no reason.
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  19. It's more on the lines of prevention is better than cure perhaps.
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  20. Anytime you take away freedoms from innocent people to try and stop bad people, the bad people win.
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