So sad and Disgusting!!!

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  1. This is disgusting and so upsetting to read, an elementary school, im mean really?!?. FFS America seriously needs to do something about their laws on firearms. Imagine youre a parent sending your child to school just weeks before Christmas, you'd never expect something as horrible as this to happen I cant even begin to think how heart retching and terrible that would feel to hear they arent coming home, its so devastating. All those presents you'd have to return, seeing their bedroom at home. Most of the victims were elementary school children its just so disgusting and upsetting that some crazy person would do that.

  2. Don't ever tell rednecks that you are going to take their guns. It will not end well for you.
  3. They need laws about guns...
    Or atleast a lisance or something.
    This could have been so easly prevented if there was a law about guns.
    Ohh well I'm glad that where I live the laws are very strict about guns.
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  4. There are some laws. But, most of the time, if one doesn't have a criminal record one can purchase a gun.
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  5. This won't help, I talked it over with my mom, banning guns would provide no protection for those who will beak the law to get them.
    This is very sick, and the retard who did this will burn in hell. Killing kids is for no reason, EVER a valid thing to do.
    What we can do, is if you really believe you should own a gun, you should be made to wait for it, to earn it, maybe a couple of years. As for the black market, you should be made to take a test to test your mental stability before being let out into the world as an adult, It might not solve these problems, but it sure would help.
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  6. Except Hell doesn't exist...
  7. Well whatever you want to call it, there is a place for sickos like this.
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  8. Banning guns won't work.
    More often than not, banning something will make people want it more.
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  9. See that's exactly that attitude that needs to be fixed up smart. Besides which, what actually needs to be fixed is the way people get access to the guns. Rednecks, or ordinary people for that matter that use them for genuine purposes would still be able to use their oh soooooo precious guns.

    Well, where I live there are very strict laws, mass shootings like this never happen as a result. You only need to look at the fact that the US averages about 20 mass shootings a year to see that something needs to be done...
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  10. So your saying, if we ban being nice and caring about others, the world will be a better place?
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  11. Seems to work well for other countries.
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  12. Its not about banning guns. Its about fixing the laws to make them harder to aquire. People who use them for their proper purpose deserve to have them i.e shooting animals on a farm, sport etc, but as for killing a human being... that is just not right at all.
  13. Most NRA members will tell you that if the government tries to take their guns they will join a militia. I am just left thinking,"Wow, that doesn't help your case at all".
  14. Someone on my facebook made a good point. There could have been a lot less dead children if just one of those teachers had a gun equipped. Banning guns won't stop bad guys from getting the guns. Anyone who thinks that is just bonkers. Drugs have been illegal for who knows how long and that doesn't stop one person from getting them.
  15. The thing is, the government doesn't think "Hey, Maybe we should conduct some background checks"

    EDIT: I know this may be silly, just had an idea, maybe give everyone a gun, I mean not like "Just give them a gun" Because that defeats the purpose, but maybe they could register once they are checked, and that would fend away any potential criminals
  16. If you'd read my other posts, with proper legislation red necks would be able to keep their guns. I'll say again, the red necks yall would be able to keep der guns yall proviiiiiiiiided dey use them correctlyy.
  17. There are checks for those who go the proper channels to get them. Problem is, there is and always will be an "underground" for things like drugs, guns, etc.
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  18. Yeah, they should stalk people who act "Suspicious" but they should use their common sense, they have it for a reason.
  19. Im serious, here the screening to get a gun is so rigorous, that it takes a good few months to get your licence. On top of this, your number plates, etc are tracked by the cops, I have been pulled over numerous times and patted down/ car checked to see that I am not carrying the gun on me but instead the correct way in its case with magazine out. If only America had these sort of laws in place..... if only
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