SMP8 Public Wild Utilities

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SMP8 wants ???

XP Grinders 145 vote(s) 46.2%
Iron Farm 63 vote(s) 20.1%
Gold Farm 52 vote(s) 16.6%
Guardian Farm 38 vote(s) 12.1%
Other (leave in comments) 16 vote(s) 5.1%
  1. :) Here are some more screenshots of the farm:

  2. I love the aesthetics to the build and everything.

    If I were to donate rupees or items to this project, who would I direct them to ;)
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  3. We're all good thanks AmusedStew :) I think half of smp8 has come together to help build these grinders and now this guardian farm. Everyone has been super generous with both their time and donations! It's been a fantastic experience working with everyone <3

    Also, we have a skellie spawner, and another cave spider spawner. More grinders coming soon!

    Sushi Drop will be open to everyone in a few days. I'll do an event or something once everything is built. We're getting close to done it. Walls and floors, entry/exit points, chests, a few beds, and a boat dock are all that is left I think.

    Thank you everyone for being super supportive of this build, and for being great people <3
  4. Well It's Beautiful Cant wait for the Grand Opening!!!
  5. Still Hard at Work
  6. Remarkable Work
  7. Looks awesome!
  8. A rail right next to the spawn now goes straight to the grinders and the guardian farm! :)
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  9. Would It Be Okay if I were to Build an Ice Farm Somewhere near the Guardian Farm? (In the Sky, of Course, since that's the only place in an Ocean where Ice can form)
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  10. An ice farm near the grinders or the guardian farm is a great idea AverageWalrus. Do you mind it being a public utility since you posted it on this thread? Just double checking! Thank you for all your work out at the guardian farm :)

    P.S. If you want a private ice farm on smp8, I can show you multiple snow/ice biomes out in our wild too.
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  11. Of Course it Would be Public, you'd just need a silk pick
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  12. Grand opening is in 30 minutes! Bring a minecart or a boat to reach Sushi Drop! Prismarine for all drop party style! Directions have been added to the first post of this thread. Thank you all!

    We are also auctioning off 8 DCs of cobble at the grand opening in 30 minutes. Come on out please :D
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  13. Im so excited
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  14. I'm the official Sushi Drop Lifeguard. :D
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  15. Anyone need help? I like designing and scouting out locations
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  16. I have an engineering degree, if you want qualifications. lol
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  17. Walrus wants help with the slime farm Peps, you should contact him :)
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  18. Sparks made a trailer of SushiDrop, woot!
  19. I spoke to AverageWalrus today. The next smp8 public utilities will be an ice farm and a slime farm. He has scouted out a location good for both. Please contact me if you've any interest in building with us loons <3
  20. Here are some screenshots of the slime farm, ice farm, and the rail (which is finished) to the area. Please note that the farms are still unfinished. :)

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